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Crossover of Naruto and the movie TiMER. Pairings - NaruHina and SasuSaku. Imagin having a stopwatch that countdowns the minutes till you meet your soulmate ^_^.

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Naruto sat on the railing of the bridge as he waited for his teammates to arrive. On a normal day Naruto himself wouldn't be there so early but he'd failed to get any sleep that night. What Kakashi had showed his students had Naruto thoroughly intrigued. Kakashi had a timer attached to his wrist. He'd explained to his students that the timer counted down the days and hours to when he would meet his soul mate. However Kakashi's timer was blank, which meant that his 'soul mate' has yet to obtain timer herself, but when she did Kakashi's timer would countdown to the moment he would meet her.

Naruto was a bit skeptical about the whole thing. But he wondered if it truly worked, if such device could really tell you when you meet your soul mate. Needless to say, he wanted to try it out. To see if it really did work.

"Hi Naruto-kun"

The sudden interruption of his thoughts startled the young blonde, causing him to toppled backwards into the stream below.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun!" Hinata yelped as the blonde climbed back onto the bridge shivering.

"Its okey Hinata, I was bound to fall in eventually" he grinned and looked up at the girl hovering above him. He'd always like Hinata Hyuga, but lately his feeling towards the girl had become more then just that of friends or comrades. One would say that he was falling in love with the girl.

"What are you doing here so early?" Hinata asked as she helped Naruto to his feet.

"I couldn't sleep last night, I kept thinking about those new timer thingies" Naruto admitted.

"Iv'e heard of them. Do you think that they really do tell you when you meet your soul mate?" Hinata asked, as the light blush that always sneaks on to her face when she talks to Naruto, appeared.

"Hm.. I'm a little skeptical, but wouldn't it be nice to have all the guess work taken out of finding that right person?" Naruto replied 'I mean, as shinobi we don't really have time to date or nothing. So this timer thingie is like an answer to our prayers"

"It really would be nice if it worked. Would you .. um .. be getting one?" Hinata questioned nervously.

"I think I might ... you know, to see if it truly works" he grinned "what about you Hinata? Would you get one?"

"Er .. maybe" Hinata stammered "I um... need to go meet my team now ... I'll see you later" with that she ran off.

Before Naruto could even think about her response he saw Sakura and Sai walking towards him.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Sai!" he greeted the two.

"Naruto, why are you soaked?" Sakura asked as he poked Naruto's soaking wet jacket.

"I fell into the stream" the blonde laughed.

"Smooth" Sai casually said.

"Smoother then you!" Naruto shot back.

"Neither of you are 'smooth'" Kakashi stated as he strolled towards the group, little green book in hand.

"So Kakashi-sensei, has your timer started yet?" Naruto asked, trying to get a look at the item attached to his sensei's wrist.

"Sadly no" Kakashi sighed "but it will one day...hopefully"

"Are you sure that those things even work?" Sakura asked, she was definitely one of the few that were against the idea of timers.

"No, but I would like to think that they did" Kakashi admitted.

"I think i'll get one" Naruto randomly stated.

"Really?" Sakura asked.

"Yup, just to see what its like" he grinned "maybe you should try it out too Sakura-chan!"

"No thanks, I'll pass"

"Why not? If you din't think it works or something you can easily get it removed"

"Thats true...but why would you get it Naruto? I thought you were interested in Hinata" Sakura's words make Naruto blush deeply.

"What makes you think that?" he spoke quickly.

"Well recently you've been saying her name in your sleep and so on. Plus your always staring dreamily at her" Sakura listed "not to mention how shes been interested in you since the academy"

"Really? Are you sure? Cause I haven't noticed it" Both Sakura and Kakashi anime face planted at the blondes words.

"Seriously Naruto? Even I noticed it" Kakashi sighed. Some things never change.

"Well then maybe both Hinata and I should get a timer and see if we're meant to be together!" Naruto shouted excitedly.

"Hate to interrupt you dickless, but shouldn't we be training?" Sai asked.

With a sigh Naruto nodded his head. But while the four headed into the training field he made a mental note to go get a timer that afternoon.

Later that day.

"Wow ... its ORANGE!" Naruto thought out loud to himself as he admired the timer attached to his wrist. It was funny how the blonde was amazed by the colour rather then what the timer itself said '00D's, 08H's, 16M's, 32S's'. Meaning he would set eyes on his soul mate early the coming morning.

"So you really did get one" Sakura asked, coming up behind the blonde.

"Yup. Looks like i'll be meeting my soul mate tomorrow morning!" he grinned happily "ooooh i'm SO excited"

"I wonder who she ... or he will be"Sakura pondered out loud.

"Oi, i'm not gay" Naruto insisted.

"Are you sure? I mean, I do recall you kissing Sasuke a few times a couple years ago" Sakura snickered, while flinching slightly as she said his name.

"Both times were on accident!" Naruto shouted trying to defend himself.

"Sure sure Naruto~" Sakura said in a sing-song voice.

"Well ima going to head home and get an early night!" Naruto declared "goodnight Sakura-chan, sleep tight!" without another word the boy raced towards his apartment.

"Night Naruto" Sakura called after her friend.

The next day at the Hyuga complex.

"Are you out of your mind!" Neji more or less screamed at his cousin "why did you get one of those stupid things?"

Hinata sighed. After her chat with Naruto she had decided to get a timer. That way if she and Naruto had one, she could see if they were soul mates or not.

"It seemed like a good thing at the time" Hinata muttered "i'll go back today and get it removed"

"Damn right you will!" Neji said. He was angry that his cousin had decided to rely on a newly created device to help her find her soul mate "I still can't believe that you got one, just to see if you and that blonde knuckle head are a match for each other"

"Well, wouldn't you want to know if Tenten was your soul mate? Wouldn't you want to confirm what you think is right?" Hinata asked her older cousin.

Neji blushed slightly "I don't ... like ... Tenten in that way" he stammered.

"Come on Neji. Its so obvious." Hinata giggled.

"Perhaps so" Neji admitted "but it doesn't make me want to get a damn timer inserted into my arm, to prove what could be"

"Well i'm going to leave you to ponder over your crush on Tenten" Hinata giggled again and walked towards the door.

"You will go get that removed right?"

"Yup, thats where i'm going" Hinata assured Neji. 'hopefully i'll run into Naruto on the way' she thought.

Kakashi stared down at Naruto's timer.

"I hate you Naruto" he sighed.

"Kakashi-sensei, just because I will meet my soul mate today and you don't doesn't mean you wont" Naruto said, trying to lift his sensei's mood.

"I know, I know" Kakashi said while patting Naruto on the head "its just depressing that you get your girl before I get mine"

"Lifes a bitch sometimes" Naruto replied.

"Hey dickless" Sai called over to Naruto "that girl you like is headed this way"

"Really? Hinata is headed this way?" he panicked "oh my gosh! I'm so excited but really scarily nervous at the same time" he muttered hastily.

"Calm down Naruto, be a man!" Kakashi said and whacked Naruto on the back.

Naruto trembled as Hinata nervously walked up to him "Hello N-naruto-kun" she stuttered, something she hadn't done in ages.

"Hey Hinata" Naruto replied, looking anywhere but at the girl.

Both teens began to panic as their timers didn't react to each other. Perhaps they weren't meant to be ...

"Oi Naruto-baka, for the timer thingie to work you have to have direct eye contact with Hinata" Sakura instructed her friend.

In turn, Naruto slowly lifted his eyes to Hinata's. The moment they stared into each others eyes, both timers beeped then the beeps turned into a song.

"Holy crap" Naruto muttered looking down at his timer.

"It actually works" Both Sai and Sakura mutter, completely mazed.

"So, I guess we're soul mates" Naruto shyly told Hinata, who was blushing deeply.

"I-i guess so Naruto-kun" she smiled shyly "and its lucky I passed you, cause I was going to get the timer removed"

"Oh really? well it must have been ... um ... fate" Naruto replied sheepishly "could i come with you? I think I might want my removed as well"

"Of course Naruto-kun" Hinata smiled and Naruto took her hand in his and began to lead her away. Completely forgetting about his team.
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