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Phscological Sprites

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Frank finds out about Ray's secret. He will spill, unless Ray does him a favour

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I placed the bag inbetween the small gaps that were left. Just a year ago, this room was empty. I really had hit a low. So not to wake the dozing gentlemen downstairs, I padded down the stairs quietly. But I was in for a shock. Right infront of my eyes, Frank was standing in the middle of the shop. He was glancing at the stuff on the shelves. He seemed entranced by the potions and mixes and books full of spells yet his head turned as fast as a bullet, to face me. I froze on the staircase.

"What are you doing here?" His brows raised in suspision

"I was just helping out Old Man Peters" I lied. "I go and look up archives

That was what I used to do. Help out the doddery bloke who ran a shop about ghosts and demons. In that time, I had learnt alot about spirits and stuff. But after I had been working there for about 6 months, I had started stealing things. Only on a small scale at first, but then I stole more, and needed a bigger space. Then I had remembered that there was an empty room at the top of Physcological Sprites, that Peters couldnt get to, seeing as he couldnt force himself up there. So, as his apprentice, it was mine. And that's where I stashed my stuff. Mr. Peters didnt mind, he thought I actually went up there to browse archives. But Frank did. He did not believe me.

"Lets go up and see" he barged past me, shoving me into the banister. I winced and tried to stop him.

"No, no..." Too late. He was at the door. There was no escaping now.

"Dude...." Frank's face was full of disgust. "Fuck..."

He was silence for quite a while, just gobsmacked by all the good that had been squished in there. Then he grabbed my collar and pushed me up against the wall.

"Listen here, punk. I will have you arrested...unless..." His eyes shifted as he gritted his teeth tighter. "You know about ghosts and shit I suppose. Being here for like...god knows how long?"


"Good. Right, heres the deal. I hand you in....or you can excorsise that Darlington boy for me"

"What? Jesus, that was ages ago....Darlington...SHIT. That must have been Robyn's brother. I ne---"

"Yes. That was him. But, he's been haunting me stupid. You need to get rid of him. Mine. Tomorrow nine o clock"
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