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My Blood-splattered Romance

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Mikey knew I had a boyfriend and Grant knew I had a little brother. But the two had never actually met each other. I'd never dreamed that them not meeting right away would be a problem......... (ON...

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My stomach clenched. I'd been waiting for over an hour for Grant to come over.

Tonight was when I'd finally he and Mikey to hang out. I shot a at the wall clock. For the tenth time in about two seconds.

He was nearly an hour and a half late. Now, if it was only ten minutes or so, I wouldn't be quite as worried.

But it was almost nine thirty and the hunters would be going crazy right now. And to have a loner vampire out on the streets, holy shit the hunters would have a field day just trying to kill him.

Mikey opened the door and walked in. “Hey, Gee. Where's Grant?” he stuck his hands into his pockets after adjusting his guitar case on his back.

I threw my arms in the air, my frustration and fear burning in my words. “Who knows?! And I'm so freaking worried it's not even funny!” He gave me an anxious look and put his hand on my shoulder.

“I'm sure he's fine, Gee.” his fingers tightened on me a little. “Well, I'm gonna go shower.” he grinned and started off.

“Kay.” I sighed at his retreating back. “Just don't take to long. He still might show up.” he nodded and turned into the bathroom.

There was a faint knock at the door. I jumped to my feet and ran to answer it. Once the door was open, my heart stopped.

A small scream caught in my throat as it closed up. Grant fell on me when I'd opened the door. I caught him in my arms reflexively.

Something wet and cold covered my hands and soaked through my shirt. I peered into the darkness behind him. It wasn't raining. What was on him? I pulled my hand away from his back.

My stomach lurched. A sticky redness clung to my hand. “God! Grant......” I gasped.

“H-hunter....ju-mped me.” he coughed. Something thick and hot rolled down my back. I swallowed hard, trying to ignore it so I could help Grant.

“How can I help you?” I shut the door and pulled away from him a bit. “What do you need?” my voice was barely a whisper my throat was so tight.

A pained look crossed his face. I had a feeling a knew the answer already. Yet, I wasn't scared.

“Gee,” he whispered. “I can't. Not you.” he wasn't making any sense.

“You can and you will. If it will help.” I pulled him as easily as I could to me without hurting him and tilted my head back.

His wet fingers brushed lightly at my neck. I held my breath as he took my shoulders gently in his hands, his soft, warm breath ghosted over my skin.

My hands clenched on his shirt as his lips parted against my skin. “Gee, do you know where-” Mikey's question cut off.

I could only imagine the picture he was seeing. His older brother, blood coated in the arms of another man, who's fangs just happened to be gliding over my neck.

Grant had looked up at Mikey and was now frozen. An awful silence fell over the room. It was broken by Mikey's soft chuckling.

“So, you're still alive? And you followed me home? I'm impressed. Now let go of my brother and let's finish this.” he stepped closer fractionally.

Grant backed up and stared at Mikey over my shoulder. “He's the – he did......” he stuttered in fear. I turned and looked at Mikey.

He was shirtless, his chest covered in bruises. My heart fluttered in my chest at the amused look on his face. I clenched my fists and looked from the man I loved to the boy I'd grown up with.

I took a deep breath. “Mikey, you're a hunter?” my heart was beating frighteningly slow. He nodded slightly. “I told you Grant was coming over to meet you tonight. But it seems you've already met him.”

Anger washed through me. Mikey grabbed at my hand. I jerked away and put my arms around Grant.

Subtly, I tilted my head back. My fingers trailed down his back suggestively. “Go ahead, Grant. Mikey can't do anything to stop us.” I murmured rebelliously

I closed my eyes as Grant's tongue flicked over my skin. “NO!!!!!” Mikey bellowed, louder than I'd ever heard him. But he was too late.

Two sharp, white fangs pierced my neck, a pair of soft lips attaching not too long after. My breath hitched as his vacuum of a mouth drew blood from me.

It's just like a hickey I thought dully. I wrapped my arms around his neck, forgetting he was hurt.

A small moan escaped my mouth. My mind was getting foggy.....

I still heard Mikey shouting though. Pushing it to the back of my mind, I concentrated on the magical thing happening between me and Grant. I even ignored my legs going weak.

Something passed between us. “Grant....” I held him tighter, my hands tangling in his soft brown hair.

Grant's arms locked around my shoulders as his lips left my neck. My legs gave out for a moment and he kept me from falling on my ass.

After a second, I could stand on my own. Mikey was gaping at me, his face pale. Almost me pale. “See, Mikes? Grant is okay. We love each other.” I mumbled, my head throbbing. “You're still my little brother, Mikey, but.....” I took a deep, head clearing breath. “But I'm going with Grant.”

We left the door open behind us. “He'll end up killing you! That's what they do!” Mikey yelled at our backs.

I stopped and looked over my shoulder at him. He flinched as my cold eyes locked on his angry ones.

“Then I die.” I murmured simply. Grant took my hand and I waited till we were down the street to speak. “Are you okay?” I looked him up and down.

He looked fine now. Other than the blood on every inch of his perfect ivory skin, that is. “Yes. But are you sure about this? I'm really not worth all of this....” he murmured, tipping his head up to look into the black sky.

“Worth what? A stupid little fight with my brother?” my voice splintered the air. It wasn't a little fight, and we both knew it.

My eyes filled with tears. I pressed my lips forcefully against his before he could notice. “Look, I love you both. In different ways, but still. Mikey's my brother. We'll never stop talking. Sure, it's gonna be a little awkward, having the vampire hunter and the vampire lover sitting next to each other at the dinner table but.....” I trailed off, smiling playfully.

“Okay. Speaking of different Way's, you two are about as far apart as the sun and the moon. Only the moon is twice as beautiful.” he smiled and kissed my cheek.

“Shut up,” I smiled at him, loving his sweet words.

Okay I have NO idea what's with all the oneshots, but I'm not gonna stop! XD Anyway, I probably won't continue any other oneshots for a while. I have like, 6 stories running at the same time. And I'll let ya all in on a little secret.

I'm spending a lot of time working on Why'd you even bother. Call me what you want is sitting in my lap as we speak and I havn't finished writing chap 19 of 20 where I'm on 25 or 26 of WYEB.

IDK though so..........enjoy my scattered randomness and all its glory!!!! OH!!!!!!! And no, I'm not giving up on ANYTHING!!!!!!!! It's just not how Lala does things.

Hugs and Meese,
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