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My Beautiful Angel Is Gone..

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'He will always be with Me, Even if He is gone' Read, Rate and Review?

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Isn't it horrible how you can Love someone for so long but they don't love you back? Or atleast you think they don't love You. Here's the thing: I've loved my best friend Gerard Way for years ever since we met in high school. I was being bullied 'till He came and told the jocks if they didn't leave me alone he'd suck their blood dry (Being as they think He's a vampire, with his freakishly pale skin and jet black hair Though i think he's absolute Gorgeous) I found it funny how quick the jocks turned pale when he said that. I just can't live knowing he doesn't love me, I mean i can't believe i thought i actually had a chance. Me being the ugly freaky emo fag and he being the god of sexiness, I never would have a chance with him even if he is Gay i'd just get rejected if i told him i've loved him since high school He'd just laugh in my face and i'd lose him as a Friend. The world is better off without me thats why i plan on ending it tonight, And no its the way where we just cut and hit the main vein on "Accident" i plan on hanging myself, It will be less painful. I geuss i better work on my letter to Gerard..

By the time i'm finished with my letter its 8pm and i've got the rope set for my death. I put the letter where someone will see it as tears flow freely from my eyes, I hear someone knock at the door but ignore it. I take a deep breath and stand on the chair and put the rope around My neck i slowly knocked the chair out from under Me and my life begins to slip away and the last thing i see will forever haunt me; Gerard opens the door and the look of hurt, sadness, and shock covers his face. He falls to the floor and begins to sob. What have i done? is the last thing i thought before I faded away..

Gerard's P.O.V

I was going to tell Frankie i loved him, I've loved him since high school he was the only person who actually liked me for me well other then my brother Mikey but he doesn't really count since he's family. I was walking over to Frankie's to tell him, I knocked no answer i knocked again still no answer "Frankie?" I opened the door to my surprised it was unlocked. Frankie always kept his door locked something was wrong, Terribly wrong i heard tump from upstairs and I bolted to his room knowing something is wrong and when i opened the door what i saw will forever haunt me; Frankie hanging from the ceiling his body not moving one bit, just staying still. He was dead at that moment my heart shaddered and i lost it, I completely lost it i just fell and started to sob. My only love was there dead right before and thats when i notice a letter infront of him signed to Gerard. With shaky hands i picked it up and began to read it:

Dear Gee,
By now you or someone has found me dead. I bet your wondering why i killed myself i bet your going to hate me, But here it goes; Gee i've loved you since high school i've always have and always will, I couldn't live with the fact that i'd never get to kiss those lips; Never get to cuddle with you while watching a movie. I just couldn't live with it Gee i'm going to miss you and i know your going to miss me but, You can live witout me and tell Mikey i love him i know this is going to crush him.
And can you do me a favor Gee? I just know your going to plan me a funeral even if you do hate i knew You'd be sweet enough to do so and i know Mikey would've planned one anyway. But the favor i want is for you to sing at my Funeral, I know you've never sung infront of anyone not even me or Mikey but please Gee? For me and remember i may be gone; But i'll always be watching over you and Mikey.
I love you Gee, I love you Mikey forever and always

Tears flow freely from my eyes he was gone, I still couldn't believe it and i can't believe he would think i hated him even when he spilled a drink all over a comic i was drawing i didn't even get mad at Him for that. I hear a gasp from behind but i don't dare look up "G-Gee?" The voice of my dear brother Mikey, I try to speak but all comes out is loud sobs. He comes over and wraps his arms around me "Shh, its alright Gee" He trys to calm me down i pull back and hand him the letter. He reads it and tears falls from his eyes and begins to sob violently.
I wrap my arms around him and we sit there sobbing.

Its been a week since Frankie has been gone i haven't been able to sleep right for the a week I keep getting nightmares of Frankie dying. Me and Mikey is getting ready for his funaral right now, I promised i'd sing at his funeral i've writen a song and i plan on singing it and i don't give a fuck if the people there like it or not.
By the time we're finished we meet our other two friends outside who's waiting in the limo; Ray and Bob i've know them since middle school, When they met Mikey they hit it off like a house on fire. We don't speak during ride not really knowing what to say we just sit in a comfuble silence.

We arrive about an half hour later and take our seats in the front row and wait for the service to begin.
"We are gathered here today for a funaral of a young boy named Frank Anthony Iero. He was recently found dead in his bedroom by Gerard Way and Mikey Way." All eyes are set on us and theres a heavy silence as if we had killed him.
"Now let us pray, Bow your heads please" We all bow our hands and say the prayer after we're done i'm called up to sing my song.
I clear my throat "Um, this is a song i wrote and its called Heaven Helps Us" Everyone is stareing at me, I close my eyes and begin to sing

Here the sound,
The angels come screaming,
Down, your voice
I hear you've been bleeding
Make your choice
They say you've been pleading

Someone save us
Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll here the sound
As you're falling down

I'm at this old hotel
But can't tell if i've been
Breathing or sleeping or screaming
or waiting for the man to call
And maybe all of the above
Cause moslty i've been sprawled
On these Cathedral steps
While spitting out the blood and screaming

Someone save us
Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll here the sound
As your falling down

And will you pray for me?
Or make a saint of me?
And will you lay for me?
Or make a saint of-

Cause i'll give you all the nail you need
Cover me in gasoline
Wipe away those tears of blood again
And the punchline to the joke is asking
Someone save us
Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll hear the sound
As you fall

And would you pray for me?
(You don't know a thing about my sins)
(How the misery begins)
Or make a saint of me?
(You don't know)
(So I'm burning, I'm burning)
And will you lay for me?
(You don't know a thing about my sins)
(How the misery begins)
And make a saint of me?
(You don't know)
(Cause I'm burning, I'm burning)

Cause I'll give you all the nails you need
(I'm burning, I'm burning again)
Cover me in gasoline again

I finish and everyone claps and tears start to flood my eyes as i walk back to my Brother and friends. Everyone clears out and me, Mikey Ray and Bob carry Frankie's casket out all of us trying our hardest not to cry. We put it in the Hearse and we head to the graveyard.
I lose it again this week by breaking down and crying in the graveyard Mikey trying to comfort me but it really isn't working i'll never be okay, No never will i be okay. I ask to be alone and everyone nods and leaves
I take a deep breath ans whisper into the air "Frankie, i can't believe your gone i've you loved since high school and your gone!" I shout the last part And wipe some tears that are falling from my face "I was going to ask you to be my boyfriend until i-i found..." I trail off and a gust of wind blows and a piece of paper appears on his tombstone i gasp as something Strokes my cheek i look around, But nothing is there. I sigh and open the piece of paper Frankie's hand writing is on it and i read it outloud
"Gee, i'm so sorry i did this the look on your face you had when you found me will forever haunt me. I'm so sorry"
I let out a shaky breath and i whisper into the air "I miss you" i begin to sob i feel arms wrap around and someone whispers "I miss you too Gee"

My beautiful angel is gone, but i know he is with me all the time.
He will always be with me, Even if He is gone.

So it just popped into my head, don't know where it came from. I hope atleast someone likes it i tried my hardest to make good. Please Review and/or Rate :)
- Amber xoxo
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