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Under The Burning Sun

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Killjoy one shot. Serious random - just an idea I had a few days back.

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It doesn't matter who you were. Hell, it barely matters who you are anymore. The only important things in life anymore is how good you are with a ray gun and how fast you can run. Intelligence, looks, personality - all the the things that used to be valued so highly are now irrelivant.

I barely remember those days, the peaceful ones. The days where running for your life was expected of each day. I can't even remember what I was like at the time. But like I said, it doesn't matter anymore. Perhaps that's why we have Killjoy names - to isolate us from the lives we once lead.

Mine is Desert Sun. I know, I know - it's the most original one out But when Fire Eyes asked, it was the first thing that popped into my head. After all, the sun was beating down on me at the time, I was barely aware of anything but the sweat running down my face and neck. After all, in the desert, it does get extremy hot. Who'd have known?

Fire is currently peering over the small mound of baked earth at another gang of Killjoys. She's our leader. For the most part, she appears normal - a South American female in her mid-twenties. However, when she gets angry, or excited, or started fighting, she gain her name. Those dark eyes catch fire and passion flows through her body. I had met a few other groups of Killjoys by this point but I never felt as safe around them as I do with her.

Of course, we don't have to worry about other people hurting us anymore. You can trust any Killjoy - it's Dracs you have to look out for.

Or so we thought. Days ago, we had met with another group. They had seemed a little strange, though we didn't think anything of it. We had trusted them, the same we way we would for any other Killjoys. It was only when the Dracs burst on to the scene that we realised something was up. Obviously, we escaped but one of our members had been ghosted. This brought us down to three. Fire Eyes has been over cautious ever since.

It was only later we realised what had happened. One of the over gangs had run with us when the Dracs arrived. We'd let him of course but Pyre - the third of our gang - had noticed the clip on the back of his neck. It was a microphone and a tracker. Meaning the BLInd was tracking him, and through him, us. The guy was also drugged up to the point he didn't realise any of this.

When Fire had realised, she shot him. Neither me or Pyre had wanted her to, but you don't argue with Fire when she's in that sort of mood - it's just a waste of breath. As much as I love her, she scared me. I'm closer to Life's Pyre, who had took me under his wing when I joined. He's gorgeous too, so I didn't mind. He's blonde, and gest bleached blonder everyday by the sun. Obviously, he is also extremely tanned and looks like a regular surfer dude from before the world exploded...

Right now, he is crouched behind Fire, also peering at the Killjoys before us. They look normal in my opinion. It's a group of four guys and a young kid who can't be older than ten. I feel sorry for her, growing up in such violence. They have a beat-up brown car with dust masking the graffiti that covers it.

One of the guys is blonde, another with shocking red hair. I wonder where he gets the dye from.

"Guys, there's no way these are BLI people." I whisper, crawling forward. "I mean look at their hair!"

"I agree." Pyre glances and Fire whose mask is covering the top half of her face. I can tell she's indecisive though.

"You're right." She admits after a moment. "But after what we found out with Red, you can't be too careful."

I wince at the sadness in her voice. Red Tear had always been close to Fire - and now he was dead. Even before, Fire had always been cautious and Red would be the one urging her on. Neither me nor Pyre have the mental strength to do that, or oppose her the way he did when we disagree.

"Let's go." Fire stands, and brushes the dust off of her purple jeans. Me and Pyre mimick her actions and follow her down the small hill to wherre the other Killjoys are standing. They've spotted up of course and are staring apprehensively. No one draws their rayguns though - Killjoys have to trust eachother. If not we're all dead.

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