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cute waiter

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a certain kat seems to have a little crush on a certain waiter

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Oh how silly my dad is.

I changed out of my shirts and tank top. What should I wear? I thought to myself. I decided on wearing black skinny jeans with my black Blink 182 shirt. I put my long black hair up in a pony tail.

"Kat? You almost done? Im starving!" my mom yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah ill be there in a minute!" I yelled back. I couldn't find my shoes. My beautiful black converse. Where were they? I sighed and went into my closet. There were mostly converse in different colors, I spotted the ones I rarely used. My black high top vans. I only used them when I couldn't find my converse.

I put them on and quickly went downstairs.

"Finally I thought that I would turn 50 by the time you came downstairs" my mom said teasing. My mom knew I changed quickly unless I was lazy.

"Mom your 33 I'm pretty sure when you hit 50 you'll still look young" I said smiling. It was true till this day my mom looked really young.

She giggled childishly and said "Lets go I'm hungry"


My dad had decided to take us to Olive Garden. My mom was thrilled since it was her favorite restaurant. Oh how she loved Italian food.

The hostess lead us to a table and we sat down. "Your waiter will be here in a moment" she said smiling.

"I love this place" said my mom.

"We know honey" my dad said smiling

"So when is aunt Julie coming down?" I said excitedly. I love my aunt Julie. She is the reason I am who I am.

My parents laughed. "I have no idea sweetie. Hopefully soon it'll be great to see her again. I would also love to see my nieces and nephews"

Did I mention my aunt Julie was 29 and a mother of four? No well she is. She had gotten pregnant at the age of 13 with my cousin Andrei. Then again at the age of 17 with my cousin Christian. Last but not least she was pregnant with twin girls at the age of 22. They were named Teresina and Pandora. Aunt Julie wasn't ashamed of being pregnant at 13 she loved children and her boyfriend

Believe it or not her boyfriend is now her husband. They are happily in love. I find it funny how Andrei tells us stories about his friends thinking his mom is his sister.

"I forgot to mention she called the other day to say that your uncle viktor ankle healed" my mom said remembering. My uncle Viktor is my aunt Julie's husband. He loved her so much and I looked up to their love and my parents love to.

"That's great I hope they come down soon" I said happily. They laughed at my excitement.

"Uh Hello I'm Frank Iero and I'll be your waiter today" we all looked to see a guy who looked about 17. He had kind a long black hair, he had a lip piercing, and the most beautiful eyes ever. I could tell he seemed a little shy.

Without thinking I said "Hi Frank" I blushed as soon as I realized I said it. My mom smiled mischievously and I knew she was up to something. "Frank? How old are you? My mom asked politely.

"17 uh why?" he said looking confused. I guess he took it in a different way and said "If your worried that I'll mess up your order don't worry I won't well I hope. I'll get a more experienced waiter if you'd like" he said nervously.

"Oh don't worry about it hun! I understand if that happens believe me when I was your age I worked in a restaurant as well" my mom said reassuringly "But that wasn't my what I meant. I wanted to know what high school you go to?"

"Belleville high school why?" Frank said suspiciously.

"Great! You see Frank we're new here and I don't want my daughter Kat to be alone so if you could can you show her around school?"

I blushed and said "don't listen to my mom she's crazy and I have no idea what she's trying to do"

my mom gave me a look that said "shh! Before you ruin a chance of getting a new friend possibly a boyfriend!"

Frank laughed and said "Yeah sure I don't mind nut I really have to take your order before the boss fires me"

We all told him our order and he left.

"Honey what were trying to do?" my dad said

"Trying to help Kat make a new friend sweetheart. You and I both know Kat is shy to make new friends" my mom said staring at her hand. My dad sighed.

I looked at them and blushed at what my mom did. I couldn't help but admit that Frank was cute. "Someone has a crush on the waiter" my mom said teasingly.

Damn she noticed the look on my face. "Shut up" I mumbled but still blushed.

After being embarrassed by my mom, we talked about how my school and my dad starting at the hospital.

I jumped when I saw my plate of spaghetti appearing in front of me. "Spaghetti with meatballs, Chicken Alfredo, and Seafood Alfredo. Would you like anything else?" Frank asked nicely.

wow he got our order right I thought and picked up my fork. "No thank you Frank" my mom said smiling.

He smiled back and left.


We all finished dinner and honestly I couldn't stop thinking of Frank. My dad left him a ten for a tip. I guess he made an impression on my dad to. My mom and I headed to the car while my dad payed for the bill.

"You like that boy" my mom said matter of factly.

"I barely know him" I said rolling my eyes.

"Your aunt barely knew your uncle when they met but they fell in love at first sight" my mom said. Honestly I had no idea how my parents met or how my aunt and uncle met. Apparently it was love at first sight for both of them.

"What about you mom? You never told me about you and dad"

"Well, we both hated each other in high school" my mom admitted. Wow that I couldn't believe. They loved each other so much.

"Your aunt julie was convinced he liked me that's why he picked on me. I was convinced she was insane. It wasn't grade school anymore but of course your aunt was right. A week after she confirmed her suspicions, your father asked me out. I couldn't help but notice things I haven't before. I said yes and on our date we found out we had so much in common. After that we became inseparable" my mom said happily.

I smiled and said "wow I could never imagine you two hating each other"

"Yes but I got it easier than your aunt"

"What do you mean?"

"Not my story to tell" my mom said.

I shrugged and noticed that 10 minutes went by. Where was my dad? Finally my dad opened the door and said "let's go home "

As soon as we got home I was tired. "Well I have school tomorrow night mom and dad"

They said their good nights and I went into my room.

I changed and looked at the clock it was 9:30. I yawned and laid down.

Frank was still on my mind. I barely knew him hells I just met him, but there was something that drew me in instantly. Maybe it was love at first sight. Nah it wasn't.

Or was it?
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