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My Savior

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Basically we learn about Gerard.

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“Underground, I work the graveyard shift.” Frank says as he suppresses a smile that I see tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Hmm Interesting, I guess I don’t have an actual job really, I do a bunch of volunteer work and I play in the bar on the weekends. Rich parents” I add at seeing his confused expression.

“Ahh I see. Would you like more coffee, perhaps? I’m afraid I’m a bit addicted.” Frank says.

“I’d love some Frank, thank you.” I say genuinely, trying to express my utmost gratitude in those six small words.

As gracefully leaves, I’m suddenly flooded with memories, memories of my savior, memories of my hero, memories of my dearest brother.

Memories of Gerard.

He was kind and gentle, yet was known to me and my few friends as the sassiest man alive. He walked as though nobody could touch him, as though he was pure, but he wasn’t.

He had bad habits, he smoked, he drank, he snuffed. It wasn’t his fault, they made him believe he was alone, unwanted, unloved. But he wasn’t. Not even close.

“Hey Mikey, what are yo- Oh you nerd!” Gerard teases.
[/ “Just because I study, doesn’t mean I’m a nerd.”


“Oh shut up Gee.” But I smile, I honestly love my brother.

We are clumsily walking home, on a Thursday of a three day weekend. I can’t wait to stay up all night watching horror movies. Its why I’ve decided to study and walk- something severely-uncoordinated-so-much-they-can-barely-be-legal-walkers have difficulty doing.

“So how was your art presentation?” I ask Gee, because Its what hes been obsessing over for the past 2 weeks.

“Well, Miss D. liked it alright, but those lacrosse players that used to pick on you? Yeah they didn’t so much...” Gerard trails off uncertainly, as though hes trying to edit some thing in his mind.

“Yeah... Go on...” I encourage gently.

“Uhh..Well... They kinda beat me a little, just a little! I mean I deserved it for creating such a creepy picture, I uh yeah I shoulda just made a paper flower, then uhh yah...”

I groan with annoyance.

“Why can’t you realize that we are not MADE to fit in! That picture was fucking mindblowing! Who cares about fucking lacrosse players? Now what did they do Gee-Gee?” I say pleading with him with my eyes, letting him know its O.K. to tell me.

“Well it’s no big deal, nothing I didn’t deserve.” He replies walking into thte hoiuse and down to his room in the basement.

Gerards phone, which he had set down on the kitchen table, vibrates violently.
hey u fag i hope u enjoyd our lil chat 2day

I sigh at their grammer mistakes, and immediately delete the unwanted shit.

That whole night I stood outside while I heard crashes and bangs, sobs and screams, and then,
(end of flashback)

The next morning my angelic brother lay dead.



A/N I know its short, but I promise i'll try to get a long-y up next time! I'm absolutly swamped right now with work so sorry

I KNOW ITS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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