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Harmony receives a note

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Gerard sat against the tree to watch me draw. So I continued until I had to paint-in the color. Painting was not my specialty so I was a bit weary about it. I dipped the paintbrush in the red watercolor and lifted it but I didn't put it to the paper, I left it shaking in my hand while I stared at the paper, desperately thinking of where to start. I didn't wanna mess it up, especially with Gerard watching.

"Need some help?" Gerard suddenly asked from beside me, startling me out of my thinking shell.

"Erm, yes please," I mumbled while harshly nibbling at my bottom lip. He slid the brush out of my shaking hand and touched it to the paper. I stood deathly still, afraid to even breath with him being so close to me. I didn't even notice him finish because I was too busy staring at the back of his head.

"There, we make a great pair don't you think?" He asked.

I tilted my head to the side, "pair?"

"Yes, with your drawing and my painting, we make a beautiful piece of artwork." He gestured to the painting.

I nodded my head, scolding myself for not realizing what he meant.

"We do, I think your mother will love it, truly," I agreed.

He helped me clean everything up and offered to help carry everything to mine and Ray's room, which I accepted.

"So how are you? You know, without your father and everything, it must be very hard for you," Gerard asked as we walked.

"It is, I won't deny it, I've been quite lonesome lately," I replied.

Gerard peered up at me with a worried expression, "If you need someone to talk to, you can always find me in the art room."

He sounded generally worried about me, it warmed my heart and sent the butterflies in my stomach into a frenzy. To think that he had never given me the time of day, and now I was in his thoughts. It was only something I could dream up, never live out.

"Thanks," I smiled.


I woke up the next day to the sun, once again. But this time Ray was no where to be seen, there was a note on my pillow beside my head. I opened it, super curious on what it could possibly say.

'meet me by the garden as soon as you read this.

My heart leapt and I squealed in excitement. I ran to the small mirror we had and quickly brushed through my black locks. Then, I made my way to the garden.

I found Gerard sitting on the edge of the fountain, watching the fish swim around with a cold stare. He was probably thinking really hard.

I silently took a seat beside him, praying I wouldn't mess anything up….
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