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WWE On Facebook 2

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What if they ALL had facebook?

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Trish Stratus Today is a most glorious day. I have officially christened my Boobs. On the left we have Steve Jobs and on the right Richard Branson. I am so proud. –wipes tear-

Kelly Kelly Batista is in dire need of a bra.

Batista > Kelly Kelly glare I do NOT need a bra…

Kelly Kelly Like this comment if you think Batista needs a bra.

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Batista > Edge Shut up Edge your chin needs a bra >.>

Edge > Batista For your information my chin DOES have a bra.

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Batista > Edge O.O

Goldust > Edge Does it have frills?

Edge > Goldust Of course it does! I have class… Unlike some people…

Goldust > Edge ….Are you claiming I don’t have class? Because I can assure you my bra is as frilly as yours.

Edge > Goldust ..I think we are going to have to compare bras.

Goldust > Edge … Locker room at 10:15….be there or be square.


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John Cena Ffff my back is killing me.

Randy Orton Acksholli dat is impossibru, Yer back does not gots no armies or leggies so It can’t not attacks you. -grin-

John Cena > Randy Orton ….Orton, you’re a spastic. -_-

Randy Orton > John Cena …More importantly, I’m YOUR spastic :D So deal with me.

John Cena > Randy Orton You ain’t my problem to deal with, I left you in a box hoping they would send you to China.

Randy Orton > John Cena Man, best trip ever, I had THE best dumplings.

Yoshi Tatsu > Randy Orton YAY! Dumpring!

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Steve Austin has posted a location Chilling in my beer pool are you there to? Click here!

Steve Austin Updating my status from my iPhone….like a boss.

Miz > Steve Austin Like a BoWWss. -->

Steve Austin > Miz I’m The BoWss!

Miz > Steve Austin You da BoWss!

John Morrison > Miz I shat on Debra’s desk.

Miz > John Morrison Like a BoWss?

John Morrison > Miz Like a Boss! -slips on sunglasses*-

Matt Hardy > Lita I can’t believe you turned me down!

Lita > Matt Hardy Dude! You proposed to me with a Cheezel!

Miz > Matt Hardy Like a BoWss!

Matt Hardy > Miz That’s what I thought! Best Idea ever. I feel so un-appreciated.

Brian Kendrick I King Kendrick take this bubble wrap castle as mine!

Paul London > Brain Kendrick Not so fast your majesty. I am here to plunder your booty!

Brian Kendrick > Paul London unsheathes his bubble wrap sword Do your worst.

Paul London > Brain Kendrick Bubble wrap cannons aiming…FIRE!

Brian Kendrick > Paul London ….How dare you. BY THE WRATH OF THE BUBBLE WRAP UNDERLORD! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE! Mark my words…I will have revenge.

Karma Has purchased a bag of Maltesers and Is putting to test the ad. So far no luck.

Cody Rhodes I am about to get my pubes styled any suggestions?

John Cena > Cody Rhodes Ewwwww!

Cody Rhodes > John Cena Ewwwww is not a style Johnathan. -eye roll-

Mark Henry > Cody Rhodes Mmmm, Sexual Chocolate likes himself a good solid bush , yeeeah.

Cody Rhodes > Mark Henry That is just NOT Dashing.

Justin Gabriel > Cody Rhodes Dude, go ask your Twitter followers. You are destined for the perfect answer.


Jeff Hardy > Matt Hardy O rly?

Lita > Jeff Hardy Message from Matt. Get off my facebook Jeff -_- What did I say about going on my facebook?

Jeff Hardy > Lita …That I could do it whenever I wanted to..?

Lita > Jeff Hardy Jeff….I have changed my password 9 times….how do you keep getting in!?

Jeff Hardy > Lita >:D Haw

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John Morrison > Cody Rhodes HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT!? D:<

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Matt Hardy updated his about me ‘I lyk Peniour’

Lita > Jeff Hardy JEFFFFFF!! >:@ wgjrijgpreihg
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