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A/N: Holy crap. 80 chapters. I officially have no life.


Chapter 80: I’m sorry

Gia was pretty happy. She had made up with Lucas, which somehow made the whole deal with her mother lose its meaning. At least for a while. She was certain that the second she is reminded of her mother, it will all come crashing back.

But the second she stepped into the house, the smile faded from her face as she saw her father who, well, didn’t look very green but still resembled the Hulk so much that it was scary.

"Are you pregnant?" he asked, trying to hold back his anger. He was barely succeeding. The vein on his forehead looked like it was at an exploding point, and his face had assumed a lovely shade of crimson.

"No! Where did you hear that?" Gia asked shock. How the hell did he hear about it anyway? Perhaps he actually has wiretapped her? The horrific thought made her shiver.

"It doesn’t matter where I heard it from. Is it true? Don’t lie to me, Gia Micaela Way,” he said, once again turning redder.

"I'm not pregnant! Want me to take a test to prove it?" Gia snapped, getting tired of the whole pregnant thing.

"As a matter of fact, yes I do”, he said, getting something from a bag. He tossed her a double pack of pregnancy tests and told her to take both of them.

She rolled my eyes as I walked in the down stairs bathroom. This was ridiculous. Gia wasn’t pregnant, there was no way. Gerard was just overreacting like usual. As if she’d have unprotected sex.

Then she realized something very disturbing… Did they use birth control? She wasn’t on the pill, and since they were drunk, it was very unlikely that Lucas had thought of using a condom.

Gosh, if she was pregnant… Well, Gerard would most likely go on a crazy killing spree.

While she was waiting for the results there was pounding on the door.

"IF YOU ARE PREGNANT THAT MEANS YOU HAD SEX!" her dad shouted. Yep, the crazy killing spree seemed to be very close.

Gia was going to kill who ever told him of this rumor. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the whole school knew.

She opened the door when it was nearly the time to check the results. Gerard burst into the room, checked the two sticks quickly (carefully, using a towel so there would be no direct contact to the germs), and then when he was satisfied with the negative results, glanced at her sharply.

"Did you have sex?" he asked, not as mad but still obviously frustrated.

"No. You told me not to and I didn't. You really think I want to get stuck with a kid like you and my mom did? Lucas can’t even take care of himself! If I had a kid I would be alone."

"You would, but not because he wouldn’t want to be there. It will be because I killed him”, he announced, making a face and throwing the tests away. “And you started talking about Lucas pretty fast. What’s what all about?”

“It’s nothing, Dad,” she groaned, wishing that sge could go to her room already.

“Hey I saw that hickey!”

“Dad I told you, let it go! There is nothing between us!”

He obviously didn’t believe her. “Then who did you get that hickey from?”

Rock, Gia, hard place. What was she supposed to answer? Gia couldn’t understand why he needed to know in the first place, but apparently it killed him to not know. “Fine.”


“Me and Lucas are together. Okay? Happy now?”

“HAPPY?!” Gerard shouted. “I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!”

“Oh my god, would you loosen up a little?! So I have a boyfriend, SO WHAT?! Not like we’re going to elope to Mexico!”

“I told you I don’t want you dating! You can’t see him anymore!”

“Oh please, when you were my age, the things you did were a lot worse!”

So angry that he thought his brains would overheat, Gerard yelled: “You are so grounded!”

“You know what, I am so sick of you telling me what to do! If I want to date, then I will date and there’s nothing you can do about it! You can’t ground me forever! I hate you!”

Gerard stared at her in shock. The anger vanished within seconds. Those three words that came out of her mouth had such a deep impact on him. ‘I hate you’ rang through his head over and over again.

With tears of anger in her eyes, Gia pushed past him to the stairs. The next thing Gerard realized was the front door slam shut, and she was gone. Gerard leaned against the wall, and with his back against it, he slid to the floor. That’s where he sat, in the dark, knowing that somehow he had managed to ruin everything.


Gia wasn’t sure why she went there, but somehow she found herself standing in front of the same hotel where her mother was staying at. She hesitated before going in, fearing what she would say, or that she’s not there at all. In that case Gia wouldn’t know at all where to go.

But she was certain of one thing. She was not going to back home.

While walking there in the sprinkling rain, her anger and frustration hadn’t subsided at all. If anything, she had only gotten more upset with her father.

Gia ignored the looks she got from the other people in the reception, and marched straight up to the counter.

“Good evening,” the snobby looking receptionist said, looking at Gia like she carried some horrible diseases into his hotel.

“Can you tell me where – I don’t know her last name, but her first name is Stella. I need to know what room she’s staying in.”

“I am sorry, but I can’t possibly do that. Now run along, you’re dripping water all over my floor.”

“Look, if you could just –“


Gia was relieved when she heard the soft voice of her mother, but she also didn’t know what to say.

“What are you doing here?” Stella asked. By the looks of it, she had just came in from the rain as well, but she had had an umbrella.

“Um… I didn’t know where else to go,” Gia admitted, fearing that she might tell her to leave.

“Well come up to my room and we’ll get you dried up, okay? You’ll catch a cold,” Stella said and led her to the elevator. But before the doors on the elevator closed, Gia glared at the receptionist who still stared at her down his snobby nose. That bastard.

Ten minutes later Gia had removed her wet jacket and shoes, gotten a towel to dry her hair and was sitting on the couch in her mother’s room.

“So what exactly brings you here? I didn’t expect to see you again, to be honest. I didn’t make the best impression, did I?” Stella started. “And Gerard did promise to talk to you about me getting to talk to you again, but… I honestly didn’t think he would.”

“He didn’t say anything about that.”

“Yeah I figured. So, what’s wrong?”

Gia sighed. “I had a fight with dad. I just got so angry and left. I’m sorry, I’m not even completely sure why I came here.”

“It’s fine, I’m glad you came. Even though the circumstances could be better.”

Gia nodded, and then said: “I told him I hated him.”

“Do you?”

“Of course not. I didn’t mean to say it. I just wish… I wish he could let me live my life. He’s always telling me what to do.”

“He cares about you.”

“I wish he’d care a bit less, then,” Gia said.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was the fight about?”

“Boys,” Gia scoffed. “He’s so scared that I’ll get pregnant that he’d rather bury my boyfriend alive in the backyard and risk going to prison than actually let me hang out with him.”

Stella looked pretty understanding. “He just doesn’t want you to end up like he and I did.”

“But still! I mean it’s crazy how over protective he is!”

“Gia, he loves you! He doesn’t want you to get hurt! But I have to admit, I wouldn’t have thought he’d be that kind of a father.”

“Why not?”

Stella smiled. “Well… As far as I know, he was always very protective of his brother, but it took him a while to get used to you. At first it was like ‘Oops, Gia fell from the crib again, oh well, she’ll climb back up if she wants to’. Not that he didn’t love you, he did, he just didn’t know how to take care of you. Eventually he did get a hang of it, and I have to say he did a pretty good job.”

“I didn’t know he was like that.”

“I don’t mean to paint a bad picture or anything, but it was a rough start. Neither of us knew what we were doing when we had you. We hadn’t been around babies since we were babies ourselves. We had to learn the hard way. It was difficult. He just doesn’t want you to go through what we did.”

“I’m not that stupid,” Gia answered without thinking. “I’m not going to get pregnant. He flipped out over a rumor and made me take two tests just to be sure!”

“Yeah that does sound like Gerard, alright. He was always the drama queen. But you have to keep in mind that it’s just his way of showing he cares. Now, you mentioned a boyfriend. Tell me.”

Gia couldn’t help but smile. Since she hadn’t had a mother, she had never been able to talk about boys to anyone else but Frank, who just kept shoving her condoms. So this was a nice change. Gia told her about Lucas, how her dad of course didn’t approve at all, then about Hazel, who was in love with Bandit, about Jersey, and found out that Stella had had a dog of the same breed until it ran away.

It was already past eight o’clock, and Gia had been there for over four hours. They had ordered room service, eaten, and talked so much that Gia felt like she had never been apart from her mother. She was surprised to see how much they were alike. They had all the same favorites, the same tastes, same interests.

Just as Stella was telling Gia about her new husband and kids, there was a knock on the door.

“That’s probably the chicken wings,” Stella said, and went to open the door to get the food they had ordered.

But it wasn’t room service. Gia felt like running and hiding when she saw her father at the door. He glanced past Stella, and his and Gia’s eyes met for a moment. She could tell he wasn’t happy, but the frown she wore made it clear that neither was she.

“I came to get Gia home,” Gerard said after Stella let him in.

“I don’t want to go,” Gia immediately answered, not even budging from the couch.

“Gia don’t be ridiculous, now come on.”

“Gerard, I don’t mean to be rude,” Stella started, trying to calm him down. She knew the signs, she knew when he was about to become the Hulk. “She’s pretty upset with you right now. Maybe she could stay here for the night?”

“Yeah, I wanna stay with her!” Gia immediately announced.

“You can’t stay here,” Gerard argued. “You have to come home now.”

“Gerard, it’s just for the night,” Stella tried. She honestly wanted to spend more time with her daughter, but also she felt compassion for the girl. Gia clearly didn’t want to go home.

“Don’t you think I know what you’re trying to do,” he spat at the woman.

“And what is that?”

“You think you can just march back in here and start being a mother? You’re trying to steal her away from me, and I won’t allow that!”

“I am not trying to steal her, I’m just saying that maybe you should give her some space!”

“Oh like you’re an expert all of a sudden.”

“No! Gerard, she’s almost sixteen, she’s not a little girl anymore. You’re stifling her! You’re driving her away from you, yourself! She’s so scared of you that she couldn’t even tell you she has a boyfriend!”

Gerard immediately became angrier at the mention of the word ‘boyfriend’, glancing sharply at his daughter. Gia groaned, knowing that he’ll never let this go.

“See!” Stella interrupted him. “You have to let her grow up!”

“Well I’m not the one who abandoned her!”

“STOP IT!” Gia shouted, having finally gotten enough of the arguing between her parents. “This is stupid! You two are acting like children.”

The two of them stared at her in surprise. It was very unlike Gia to have an outburst like that. Finally she just sighed, and walked past both of them to the door.

“Where are you going?” Gerard asked when she opened the door to leave.

Gia shrugged. “I don’t know. I just can’t look at either of you right now.”

She was telling the truth. Once again, she had no idea where she was going, but somehow, she ended up exactly where her heart wanted her to go to. When she was upset with her father, she ran to her mother. Now, being upset with both her father and mother, she didn’t need comfort from either of them.

No, she needed a friend. Someone who would understand.

Gia knew it would prove to be a mistake to go, but when Lucas invited her into the familiar house from the cold rain outside, she instantly felt better.
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