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Chapter 1: Now Im Of Consenting Age

by kaelamonsterdino

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I'm looking out the window as Ian drives to the house. "So do you have everything you need?" He ask breaking the silence. I nod. He looks over at me. "Are you ok? You seem sad." He ask.I smile ans say "yeah I'm fine. I'm just wondering how this is gonna work. I know how Brendon is with females." Ian laughs. "Ah yes I asked him to back off a little and to make sure he asked before anything. Not that your sex life or his ia any of my busssiness but still." Ian says sill chuckling. I crack a little smile and say " I understand, anyways im prolly not his type." Ian laughs again and says " Actually...... nevermind you'll see in about 5 mins." We pull into the drive way. Great everybody is here. " Kristi is coming over. Ok?" Ian says. Oh good I won't be the only girl there and i miss her i havent seen her in forever. God Im glad Ian married her instead of Carly. She was a bitch. " yeah thats fine maybe she can help me decorate my room!" I say. We walk into the house. Spencer is in the kitchen making god knows what.Dallon and Brendon are playing a videogame and Zac is watching. I sit down on the couch and Ian goes upstairs. Zac says "Hey". Brendon pauses the game and gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "So you're living with us now huh Snow, this should be fun" brendon says. Dallon also gives me a hug and sayd " your room is next to Brendon's lucky you." Dallon laughs. His phone goes off. " oh hey Gabe,uh huh,ok, Ill be right over, ok bye Love you." he says. "uh i have to go Gabe needs some stuff from the store." he explains. He leaves. Spencer walks in from the kitchen with a plate of mystery food. " oh hey, long time no see,how are you?" Spencer ask. "um im good,i just dont want to unpack." i reply with a sigh. Brendon leaps up and says " I LOVE UNPACKING.... can i help you?......How old are you?" . we all just stare at him. "uh sure you csn help and Im 18..Why? i ask sounding confused. Spencer laughs and says " he wanted to so if you're legal or not." Brendon blushes.Ian walks downstairs. " Is Brendon making a move?" Ian ask. I nod. "shit Brendon she has been here for 10 mins and you already are hitting on her. what did i tell you Brendon damn." he says to Brendon. "I can't help it. She is Beautiful. Shes got Short curly Dark brown hair and full lips and big brown eyes. What am i supposed to do?" Brendon pleas." still Brendon come on" Ian say sternly. Brendons mouth is hanging open. i reach over and close it." well i got to go and get Kristi" ians says and then he laeves.Brendon whispers in my ear"im sorry i should have slowed down". i whisper back" its ok i dont mind actually lets go upstairs." I grab his hand and bring him upstairs.

Brendon's Pov:
Damn, she is SO beautiful. The way her ringlets form around her face and her eyes are so big they are like doll eyes. the curves of her body, perfesct hourglass."Brendon" she says breaking me of my day dream. "uh yeah im here sorry" i say. we go into my room and she hugs me and kissed me hard. oh shit i know where this is going. I start takingoff her shirt and she takes mine off. she takes the rest of her clothes off and i take mine off. "Are you sure?" i ask. "absolutly." sha says.she grabs me and crashes on to the bed.I slide into her and she moans and sighs my name. oh thats hot.i move faster. i can feel her tigtening around me. her nails dig into my back i gasp in pain, its a good pain.we both reach our climax. She falls asleep in my arms on my chest. i run my fingers through her hair.

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