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What A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy

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Chapter 2: What A Wonderful Caricature Of Intimacy
Brendon's Pov:
knock,knock,knock What time is it? I look over at the clock… 8:30… not bad. I look over at Snow who is still sleeping. knock,knock,knock The door opens and Dallon walks in and says “ Good morning Brendon…Hey have you seen Snow?” . “Shhh she is still sleeping.” I say in a hushed voice. Dallon’s eyes get wide and say “Shit Brendon you slept with her. Ian is gonna flip shit on you…How was it?” I smile and say “Fantastic and who cares about what Ian thinks. It is none of his business.” “Still he is gonna freak… so are you guy like dating now?” he ask. I look at Snow and touch her cheek and say “ Yeah I think so and this relationship I’m gonna make work if it kills me .” Dallon nods and leaves. I get out of bed and start getting dressed. Snow stirs and wakes up. She sits up and says “ Good morning Hun!”. “ Did I wake you up?”. She shakes her head and says “ No no no .” I sit down on the bed she crawls over and sits on my lap and I wrap my arm around her and nuzzle my face in her neck. “Um Snow will you be my girlfriend?” I ask. She smiles and replies “ of course Brenny I will.” We kiss. Snow gets up and says “ um I’m going to go and get dress ok.” She leave I continue to get dressed in a t-shirt and skinny jeans and suspenders [lol] I walk over to her room.
My Pov:
knock, knock, knock “who is it?” I ask. “Its Brendon” he replies. I go over and open the door. He picks me up and sets me down on the bed. “Brendon I need to get dressed!” I shriek. “I can’t let you do that .” he jokes. I smack him on the shoulder. He lats me go I get on black skinny jeans and a floral top. He grabs my hand and we walk down stairs. “ Are you hungry ?” he ask me . “uh yeah kind of.” I reply. “ Oh good I’ll make pancakes why don’t you go and pick out a movie, Dallon and Zac are gone and Ian and Spencer are still sleeping so they won’t hog the tv . “ he says. I walk into the living room and pick out a movie. I sit on the couch and check my phone. New message from Calie. How was your first night at the Panic! House? I text back great… Brendon Urie is my boyfriend! a few min later NO FUCKING WAY I WANT PROOF I get up and walk in to the kitchen. “Hey babe can I have a picture of us?” I ask. “of course” he says . he gives me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and I take the picture. “ thank you” I say. “ no problem anything for you .. hey can you send that to me I want to put it up on twitter and facebook.” He says . I send it to him and he takes out his phone and post it. check his Twitter and Facebook I send back with the picture I took . Holy Shit that picture is on both of his accounts with the caption “spending the day with my girlfriend Snow today” what are you two doing today? well he is making pancakes right now and we prolly will go around to the little shops near the house I reply. “ What do you want to drink,Hun?” brendon calls from the kitchen. “ uh… orange juice” I reply back.
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