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Best thing I never had.

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Frank and Gerard are perfect for each other,but Frank betrayed him and left him in a big world with nobody to count on.

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Gerard stared at Frank, his big hazel eyes focusing on Frank’s brown eyes, taking in every piece of emotion he could see on Frank’s face.
‘Why Frank? You knew I was fragile, and you did this, deliberately. My life has been a hell for the past few weeks, and this just pushed me over the edge.’ Tears were tumbling down his face as he broke down. He fell to the floor. ‘Frank, I loved you.’
Frank walked out of the room, without nodding a goodbye, or even a word of forgiveness.

The day after

Gerard kept his head down as he walked through the busy streets of Jersey, with people running to and from work to home. The sky was a black wall of clouds, blocking out any sign of brightness in his life at all.
Eventually he reached the place he was looking for. He pushed open the swinging doors and stepped inside. The room was a big white room, very clean. The chairs were made of plush leather and the tables were mahogany. At the other side of the room, sat the receptionist, clearly bored out of her mind.

He walked over to her, and then spoke in a husky voice 'Hello, I'm here for an appointment.'

The receptionist looked up, chewing gum. 'Ahh, yes, name?'

'Gerard, Gerard Way.'

She nodded, 'He's waiting for you.

Gerard nodded back, and said a word of thanks.

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