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A short Drapple

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DracoXapple. One shot.

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Apple's P.O.V.

He comes over to me, all slick blond hair and skinny frame. I can't wait for him to touch me, lick me, caress me with his mouth. Hi, my name is Smith, and I'm a green apple in love with a wizard boy from Slytherin house at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He picks me up, and I can feel tingles running between each of my seeds. My venomous seeds, he won't eat them, and I'm happy for that. It could hurt him, the boy I've been observing for some time. Like 5 minutes, but that's a life time in apple time.

He slowly brings me to his mouth, and I find myself waiting, hoping, praying for his touch. His soft pinks lips collide with me, and I feel him plunge his teeth into me, mercilessly devouring me. His eyes are cold, and uncaring. He mostly ignores me, but I don't care. I love this wizard, he's my life, and also my death. I hope he plants my seeds when he's done, so I can make sure he's always healthy, eating my offspring after I'm gone.

I hear a slight crunch noise as he breaks of a part of me, and it hurts, but it's a good pain. A pain, but I know it's what my love, my master, my everything, needs. I am his, giving my short life to help his, and soon, my sugars and sweet nectar will be running through his veins and body. I'll be with him, for a while at least. His pancreus will make keys to open my sugar troves within his body, and he'll be a good, growing, lovely teenager.

This is something I can handle, his tongue caressing me, passing through his body in an almost glorious way. I love this boy, now let me die in peace, as a very happy, disturbed granny smith apple.

Haha Drapple. My friends said I couldn't write one. They can go die. This is like, awesome, in my opinion. Oh, you should R&R!
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