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The Final Turn

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After the fateful incident, Leon took the amnesiac girl in his care, and eventually found love with her. After all the catastrophe he went through will Leon survive the next challenge on his life? ...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil but I own the Plot and the OC

ALERT: Some Ashley bashing so if ever you are a Ashley-fan this story is not for you so no flames please I just warned you guys.

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The Final Turn

Yuzuru Renge



"A bird that has lost it's feathers can no longer sail through the sky's. And a person who has lost her memories can no longer find her way through the world she once called home. But still, I keep my faith. But as long as I have my life, new memories will be carved into the sand of time. "

— Sakura Haruno



The Beginning



He looked very much distraught when he came into the room. His face paled with his tie long gone and several buttons loosened at the neck. He ran his hand through his brown hair. Leon's "Blunt-Tough guy mode" becomes a man in distress. Beside him, a beautiful black haired girl is still unconscious from the accident that she has been involved. He looks at the fragile girl who was lying down the hospital bed with some wires sticking out her body to support her life. Leon groan in frustration he just got back from his long mission rescuing the president's daughter and now this happened. He cannot believe what is happening with his life.

"Is this some sort of luck?" He does not know why this is happening to him. is that because of the bad luck he earn when He arrived at Raccoon City on September 29, 1998, a few days later than he was scheduled to raccoon police department.

"Leon Kennedy?" a manly voice called to him. Leon looked at the white haired doctor his a the mid-age of 50's walk closely to him.

"I am Doctor Samuel Jason, I've come here to ask you some question about the patient. Doctor Samuel said as Leon follows him to his office.

The moment the two of them arrive inside the room Doctor Samuel started talking. "The patient is suffering from brain injury." The doctor said. Leon suddenly felt his heart beats fast inside his chest after hearing the doctor's first few words well now he don't know how he can take the other news in his mind. "When she's still unconscious we asked her about her name and where she lives but she only shook her head. "We do believe that…

Leon just cannot help but to take a deep breath he cannot barely move because of the tension that his giving him (referring to the doctor) he listen carefully little by little his secret agent mode appearance become like a worried man who just witnessing his wife giving birth with his child. This is Leon felt right now. No one can blame him because the accident is terrible. he had hit her so hard with his car.

"It's because of your stupidity Leon." He scolded himself for that.

"We do believe that she's having a Retrograde Amnesia a form of amnesia where someone will be unable to recall events that occurred before the development of amnesia. The term is used to categorize patterns of symptoms, rather than to indicate a particular cause or etiology. Retrograde amnesia is caused by trauma that results in brain injury. Critical details of the physical changes in the brain that cause retrograde amnesia are still unknown. Retrograde amnesia is often temporally graded, meaning that remote memories are more easily accessible than events occurring just prior to the trauma. Events nearest in time to the event that caused memory loss may never be recovered." The doctor continued…

For this time he cannot believe what's happening the newly information just filling him. "This is my fault…" Leon said as he rudely brushed his brown hair in anger. Punching the nearest wall in front of him.

"So what now?" Leon said in his mind as he looks at the girl lying lifelessly at the white hospital bed.

All of a sudden, Leon felt a vibration in his pocket. He took out his mobile and it flashed 'Ashley' For a seconds He thought it's hunnigan. he sighs and cancel the calls. he needed peace of mind and he won't get it from her bratty conversation with ashley. four weeks after going back home from Spain he was appointed by the president to be his daughter's body guard. and ashley enthusiastically agrees with it. he dont know why. probably to annoy the heck out of him? well unfortunately he reject all of her advances to him. telling ashley that 'Stop being so childish and hurry up before you get late for you're school.' she always pout childishly on him before walking away feeling rejected but after a long day she's going to do it again.

Leon finally sigh in relief after his phone stops vibrating and ringging. finally Ashley gave up on calling him, He then turned back and looked at the injured girl lying on the bed. Strands of his long dirty blond hair fell to the front of his handsome face. His eyes just looked at her as he held her hand in his.

Her hands were a little cold. He didn't know why he did it, he kissed the back of her hands and put it against his cheeks.

He felt her stirring and looked into a beautiful black orbs.

"Wh…who….are…you?" was the words she said asking him innocently.

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