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Chapter 2

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What the hell happened last night? I hate not being able to remember things. I put my iPod in and slowly walked through the not-so-busy end of London to the nearest Tesco. It was soothing actually, my headache was slowly going! Thank goodness, my phone beeped.
At least i know where i stand now then. Bitch. You'll regret it.
Shit. What was he going to do now?! It was my constant on/off boyfriend, George. It was flooding back to me now... Yep, went over to his house to tell him it was over. For good. He lost his temper and hit me, I checked my arms, there were some lovely greeny bruises just forming, i touced one. Ouch. How the hell did i not notice these before?! And why am i not wearing a jumper so people can't seeing them?! Damn! So i guess i went home and drank alooot of alcohol afterwards?
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