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Chapter 1

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Frerard. When Gerard's eye donor begins to show him images that only he can see, he decides to find out the truth behind his new hazel eyes...

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Well my first shot at a glorified comeback failed like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, so let’s see how Round 2 goes.

I watched The Eye on Halloween and thought it a great idea to rip off. So that’s what I did. Enjoy!

Hazel Eyes

Chapter 1

“You know I probably want this more than you do.”

Gerard sighed and fiddled with his coffee cup. “I’m sure you do.”

Mikey pushed his glasses back up his nose and cocked his head to the side, staring at his brother intently from across the table. “Mom called. She said good luck. She’s sorry she couldn’t come.”

“It’s fine. As long as you’re here it’s fine.”

Gerard could sense his brother’s doubt but didn’t say anything. He sipped at the coffee. Mikey spotted the bagel he’d bought for him sitting by his hand, otherwise untouched except for a slight nibble in the corner.

“You’re not eating.”

“I’m not so hungry.”

Mikey frowned. “You said you were earlier. Do you not like it? You want me to buy you something else?”

Gerard put down his coffee and smiled affectionately. “Mikes, chill. I know you’re worried, but you gotta stay calm okay? For both our sake, yeah?”

Mikey exhaled loudly and nodded, shaking out his hands and stretching his neck till it clicked satisfyingly. “Yeah. I’m cool, I’m cool. It’s just another everyday operation,” he said, more to himself than to his brother.

Then, completely contrary to what he’d just said, he checked his watch for the fifth time in 10 minutes. “We have 20 minutes till we need to go. We should go now just to be on time...”

Gerard sighed exasperatedly again and ran a hand through his already mussed up hair, greeting the familiar feeling he felt around a stubborn Mikey that he’d never win the fight. Since he’d lost his sight Mikey had been pretty much the parent, even though he was 3 years younger, and when Mikey was stressed he’d learnt to let him stay stressed and stay out of the way.

But today will be different, he thought with a soft smile. Today things will change.

Three months ago they got a call from the hospital that an eye donor had been found. Gerard had been on a high ever since. To think that he didn’t have to rely on Mikey for everything was a reason to go along with the operation, let alone that he’d get his sight back. It was a miracle to say the least.

The two got up and left the apartment, Gerard clinging onto his younger brother for support.

“Frank and Ray said they’d meet us at the hospital at twelve.”


“And mom’s gonna call after the operation if she can.”

“That’s great.”

Mikey glared at his brother and Gerard grinned crookedly. “Stop being an ass hole.”

“Stop being hysterical!”

“I’m not being hysterical!” They reached the parking lot and Mikey fished in his pocket for his key. He pressed the button and they heard a soft click from his old beaten up Ford. “Why are you being so relaxed? I’m more worried than you are, and you’re the one getting the operation!”

Gerard collapsed into the shotgun seat and slammed the door. “You wanna know the truth?”

“Enlighten me.” The engine spluttered to life. They set off through the city over to the hospital.

“...I’ve never been so scared in my entire life,” Gerard replied quietly.

Mikey looked at his brother in the rear view mirror and bit his lip. Gerard had his head leant against the chair with a limited expression on his face, his milky blue eyes staring unseeingly out the window.

The silence was shattered with a shrill ring from Mikey’s phone, causing the two to jolt slightly. Mikey took out the phone and checked the caller, a smile brightening his face when the name flashed against the screen. He handed it to Gerard. Gerard brought it to his ear.


“Gerard? Hey, man, it’s Frank.”

Gerard’s face broke into a wide grin. “Frank! What’s up?”

“Nothing, just wanted to say good luck and all.”

Gerard turned away from his brother slightly and cradled the phone tighter to his ear. “Thanks,” he said quietly. “That means a lot.”

He could practically hear Frank’s familiar lopsided grin on the other line. “Don’t sweat it, man. You nervous?”

“Hells yeah.”

“Ah, don’t be. This could be the best thing that ever happened to you.”

“Yeah, don’t I know it. You still at home?”

“I only just got up. Some of us mere mortals can’t get up at the crack of dawn every freaking day.”

“I was nervous today!”

“Fair enough. Is Mikey giving you hell yet?”

“He’s the responsible one, he has a right.”

“Remember when I broke my arm and he actually drove near to the borders of Long Beach just to get me pistachio and banana waffles? I didn’t even think they existed till then.”

Gerard chuckled at the memory of a flustered Mikey bursting into the hospital holding a bag of soggy waffles Frank didn’t even eat. “Listen, I gotta go,” he added as the car shuddered to a stop in the parking lot of Sacred Heart Hospital. He felt his stomach twist sickeningly when he realised they were here.

“Okay. I’ll see you later. Tell Mikes not to hyperventilate till after the operation.”

“Sure thing,” he laughed.

“And as soon as you’re stable I’mma take you to the movies. Popcorn’s on me. Later, dude.”


He hung up, still smiling, and handed the phone to Mikey. But the smile slid off his face when he heard Mikey unbuckle his seat belt and get out. Slowly he stepped out of the car, clutching the sides for support, and tried his hardest not to show his brother that his legs were turning to jelly. He felt Mikey lock his arm in his.


Gerard exhaled shakily and nodded. “Bring it, bitch.”

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