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Something to Hide

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In Brendon's mind, he wore the shroud of the galaxy.

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In Brendon's mind, he wore the shroud of the galaxy. His eyes shimmered with knowledge that Brendon could only wish to know. His pale milky skin seemed to resemble that of the moons in the dim lighting of the room. His thin lips resembled that of a pale pink rose, his soft features showing just how stressed he was about the situation they were in.
But he didn't once complain, he never argued or interrupted Brendon as he spoke. He took every hit life would give him like it was just a slight push, trying his best to work with what they had to fix the problems that constantly seemed to be coming up. He listened silently as Brendon explained the situation, his amber eyes scanning every detail of the younger boys features, his fingers toying with the hem of his overly large sweatshirt. His hood was up, covering most of his gorgeous light brown hair, his makeup smeared around his eyes in just the right way, making the amber orbs look bigger and more intense. After a moment of silence, he spoke.
"What am I supposed to do about it?" Brendon smiled inside at the sound of his voice, the weak sound being something he had missed for days, though on the outside he kept his solemn face.
"I don't know, that's why I asked you. Ry, you're the only one who can help him." Brendon paused, staring at the other boy who still looked at him with extreme intensity. His movements almost seemed to glow in the light as he stopped messing with his hands, bringing one of his hands up to his mouth to chew on the nail of his thumb. His eyes shinned like the stars, his pearly whites wishing desperately wanting to break something.
Finally, he spoke in his sickly sweet voice again, pulling himself together so he could stand. "I'll go talk to him." Brendon watched as he rose with the elegance of a peacock, his movements smooth and calm, completely different from the destructive ones that belong to Brendon. Brendon knew that he had been acting like an ass for the past few weeks, or since Spencer left initially, and found himself amazed that Ryan hadn't snapped at him. He was being as innocent and kind as when Brendon first met him. Back when he had a million secrets to hide.
It dawned on Brendon, as he watched the older male walk with intensity into Spencer's room, that the reason why he was being so nice and harmless was because he once again had something to hide. And with this newly found knowledge, he swore he would find out what secrets Ryan was hiding behind the shroud around him.

Spencer woke up in Jon's arms, the older boy holding him close to his chest, their body's warm on the cold hard floor. Time seemed to be passing them by with a soft ticking, and yet, neither noticed. To Spencer, it felt like he had only spent a week in the rundown house, but on the outside world, an entire month had passed by. And the time he had spent seemed to be mostly wasted just staring at the older boy.
And even with that Spencer couldn't stop himself from falling for Jon.
He found that he loved everything about him. The way his clothing always fit him perfectly, showing his figure, something that Spencer dreamed about every time he closed his eyes. His bright brown eyes that always seemed to radiate with longing. The way his thin lips hardly covered the sharp fangs that seemed to bring both of them to a breaking point. The smart part of Spencer tried to rationalize that the only reason why they were constantly trying to be as close together as possible was because they were both starved for affection. Something that they could easily get from each other.
That's how Spencer found himself on the couch with Jon in a room filled with clocks, the ticking seeming to go fast. He stay curled in Jon's long arms, his head snuggled under the older boys chin, listening to the steady heart beat of the other male. He couldn't help but love to be in the presence of the older man, and there wasn't another place that he would rather be. He forgot about everything that wasn't Jon; his friends, his family, and everything in between.
He smiled up at Jon, who grinned right back at him. Jon leaned towards Spencer, giving him a soft kiss.

Ryan knocked on the door, opening it slowly. He walked over to Spencer's bed, pulling a chair up before sitting down. He pulled his legs to his chest, resting his head on them as they both stared at each other. Spencer forced himself to sit upright, his baby blues staring into Ryan's honey eyes. "Ry?" Ryan shifted in his seat, letting out a shaky breath. His hood was up, his arms wrapped around his tattered skinny jean clad legs.
"Spencer, what happened in that house?" Spencer closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip as he thought back to it.

Spencer tangled his fingers in Jon's soft hair, and Jon ran his tongue against his bottom lip. The younger boy let out a moan, and Jon let his tongue slip into his mouth. Spencer gave in to the feeling, moaning as Jon explored his mouth. He tugged at the chocolate hair that his fingers were laced in, begging for more as Jon ran his hands down the contours of his body. Jon let his lips leave Spencer's only to make a path down the skin on his neck, the other boy letting his head fall back in pure bliss.
He started to pant, making the other boy smirk against his skin. Jon found his weak spot, and Spencer gave a loud moan, arching his back in ecstasy. Jon chuckled against his milky skin, raking his teeth across the spot before letting his teeth sink in. He sucked and licked at the spot, making Spencer buck his hips before grinding against him.
Jon let out his own moan, the vibrations on Spencer's skin making him sink into the feeling.
He wanted more. Hell, they both wanted more. Shirts were lost, pants being pulled off, hands running down already sensitive skin. Spencer was verbally begging for more, and Jon was loving every minute of it. They ended up naked on the floor, Jon prepping Spencer while he mewled in pleasure. In no time Jon was pumping in and out of him, the two moaning and groaning as they moved like one. Spencer gave soft whimpers of pleasure under the boy that he he wanted nothing more than to curl into, to stay with him for the rest of eternity.
Jon gave one final thrust, which was soon followed with the sound of a pleasure filled scream, Spencer's body trembling under the feeling. Jon listened to the sound of his last moans, his voice repeating profanities and Jon's name. It was the only thing he needed to push him over the limit and spill into the other boy who was left panting under him. He collapsed next to Spencer, and they both stared at each other as Spencer tried to catch his breath.
Spencer tried to speak as he curled into Jon. "I love you." He breathed the words, closing his heavy eyes.
"What?" Jon's eyes shot open, but Spencer was already far too gone to answer.

"I don't know." Spencer muttered. Ryan sighed.
"Bullshit." Spencer's eyes left Ryans, casting down to the sheets he was sitting under. "Spencer, Brendon's really worried about you. He said- He said that he heard you talking to another person."
"Spencer, don't even start." Ryan gave a heavy sigh, breathing in before talking slowly once more. "I'm sick of worrying about you. I just want to know what's going on inside your head. Please just fucking tell me." Spencer looked up at Ryan to see that his honey eyes were filled with tears. He stared at the younger boy for a few seconds, watching as a tear leaked out of his eye, rolling down his pale cheek. He couldn't stop himself from saying the only thing that he knew would truly hurt him.
"Why should I when you can't even sort out your own problems?" Ryan stood, knocking the chair over as he quickly wiped the tears from his eyes. He went over to the door, muttering words in a hurt voice.
"Sorry I ever worried about you." And with that he was gone, leaving Spencer with nothing but guilt.


So... I'm thinking about getting rid of a few stories I have on this site. Or at the very least stop updating them. Probably Noctemaxime Circus and Stars Made of Fire will be the first to go. But it's most definitely not limited to that.
Just kind of tired of writing chapters that aren't getting read, and I do, in fact, have the next chapter for both of those stories waiting to be published. Just don't know if I want to or not.
I don't know. I'm kind of all over the place right now. We'll see what happens.

Thanks to patdfan01 and TheAnonymous for reviewing last chapter. It means a lot and sorry for not doing proper responses.
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