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Videogames? Me Gusta


Gee and Mikey play video games all night. what is this? a sleep over? and Gerard reveals his TRUE feelings about the situation

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Gerard turned of the DVD player, and turned on his DS.
"Ah, Mario Kart, a clasic." He said, popping in the game card.
"Whatcha doin Gee?" Mikey asked, peering over his shoulder.
"Playing DS." Gerard said, simply.
"Can I play?"
"Mikey, you're an ADULT dude, you dont have to ask."
Mikey grabbed his overnight bag, and rummaged through it till he found his blue DS.
He quickly put the cartrage in, and turned on his own DS.
He looked at the mutiplayer screen. He saw Gerard's screename: GWay77. Mikey poked him.
"Dude, I'll race you."
"You're on, little bro!"
Gerard picked Moo Moo park, and started as wario.
"Woo! Lets do this!"
Mikey and Gerard raced for an hour, then Gerard won, six times to be exact.
"Woo! Go me!"
He smirked at Mikey, "Dude, you gotta use powerups more often."
"No, I've got Luigi, I dont NEED powerups."
"Aha! so THATS why you always lose!"
"Shut up!"
Gerard glared at Mikey.
"I wish I wasn't like this..."
"I wish I wasn't messed up so much."
"Messed up?"
"Look at me Mikey!! I'm fricken preggers. I have a concussion. I'm fricken crazy!"
"No, Gee. You;re /you/. And I think you're teh best bro ever."
"You, you're just saying that....."

"No, Gee. I mean it."
"Gee, listen you are the best brother in the world. Sure, you can be a bit rash. You sometimes don't think straight. BUT, you are amazing and have so many great qualities."
"I wish I was more like you Mikes."

"What? Skinny as hell, and over worried? Dude, I heard this quote once, 'You cant enjoy teh sweet and tender in life, unless you're tough.' so, cheer up bro, K?"
"OK." Gerard smiled, wiping away some tears. "I love you Mikes."
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