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Harmony finds out some things while listening to the Way brother's conversation.

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My eyes jolted open as I felt a pair of lips on my bare back. I lifted my head and craned my neck around to see Gerard. The day before flooded back into my memory and I smiled softly at Gerard, who was dressed and ready to start the day.

"Good morning, sugar," He said cheerfully. I sat up, and brushed back my hair with my fingers, how long had I been sleeping? My body felt the healthiest it's ever been, I didn't wake up with a sore back or untamable hair. All thanks to Gerard's pampering.

"Good morning," I said in my croaky morning voice. Gerard's eyes wandered down and I followed his gaze down to my bare breasts. I quickly tugged the blankets back over my torso, I had completely forgotten I didn't have any clean clothing. My face turned a humiliating shade of red, which I tried to will away unsuccessfully. I looked back up to meet Gerard's gaze, he had completely zoned out. I waved my hand around and caught his attention.

He looked up at me, "Umm sorry, what?" I couldn't help but giggle.

"I need clothes," I said.

"Oh yeah!" He got off the bed, the canopy closed behind him leaving me in darkness and unable to see what he was doing. He soon opened the drapes again, blinding me momentarily from the sudden bright light and laid a dress on the bed. I gasped, the dress was gorgeous, it was a velvet blue (dress- and it was absolutely gorgeous.

"Gerard, I-I don't know what to say," A few tears strayed, I had never felt so special in my entire life.

"Is it too much? I just got it 'cause I thought the color would look nice on you," Gerard, said nervously.

"No it's perfect," I smudged my tears from my cheeks but they were soon followed by more.

"But why are you crying?" He leaned down and hugged me, trying to hug the tears away.

"I-I've just… never felt so special before, I'm not used to all this nice stuff," I replied, hugging him back.

"You deserve it, and I will continue to spoil you until the day you stop loving me, I love making you happy," Gerard kissed my forehead and gave me privacy to change.

I slipped into the dress quickly, but just as I was about to come out from the canopy I heard the door open, Gerard must've unlocked it which meant it could've been anyone. I stayed absolutely still, not daring to even move a bit.

"Gerard have you seen Harmony around?" Mikey's voice echoed in the spacious room.

"No," Gerard spoke casually.

"Oh, what are you doing in here all alone?" Mikey's voice came closer to the bed, I held my breath.

"Just getting ready for the day, have you heard anything from our parents?"

"Yes, they'll be back in another 3 days," Mikey answered his brother.

"Ok...So tell me, did you find a pretty bride at the ball? You never told me if you did," Gerard kept conversation, I was beginning to get more nervous the longer Mikey stayed.

"No, Gerard I was talking with our mother and she told me Harmony and I would make the 'cutest' couple," I saw him quote through the canopy drapes.

"Oh did she now?" I could tell Gerard was drinking something, trying to distract himself from slipping up.

"Yes, and it got me thinking. Harmony and I are already best friends, and she's pretty. Maybe I should ask her to marry me."

Gerard choked a bit on whatever he was drinking, I had to restrain myself from laughing. "Fun? Mikey, you should marry someone you love."

"I do love her!" Mikey said.

"But do you love her like a sister?" Gerard was trying to change Mikey's mind subtly, but his brother was persistent.

"I used to, till I turned 14. That's when I started realizing…" Mikey trailed off. This was all news to me, I never knew Mikey had liked me like that. And he knew I had a crush on his brother. I felt kind of sorry for him.

"So you're saying you love Harmony?"

"Yes, Gee, remember when I told you she liked you? That crushed me and we both know she still does. I don't think I'll ever have a chance with her. I'm scared to propose because she's sure to turn me down. We've never been anywhere close to intimate!" Mikey confessed. I felt my heart drop, Gerard had know I liked him all this time? And Mikey had told him? So much for best friends. If Gerard had known for as long as he did, then why had he never given me even a glance? Was he planning to use me for something and just did all these nice things to get me to trust him? I really hoped not.

Mikey went quite and I saw his silhouette turn towards the room with the bath. He walked away from the bed and to the room, something had caught his eye. Gerard followed close behind him. I took this moment to climb out of the canopy and behind the sofa, it covered me from sight. I peered around it to continue watching the brothers.

"Gerard, what's Harmony's clothes doing in here?" Mikey sounded angry. Oh no.
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