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Vampires won't hurt you, right?

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Gabe is hungry. Spencer is her servant. And Ryan? Well Ryan's just caught in the middle.

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I sat on the floor of the cold, basement floor; one hand tied to the radiator. It was just me and my thoughts now. Nobody else. Well unless you count the dead and mangled body on the other side of the room.
"Spencer!" I screamed still trying to get his attention. "Spencer please!" I said as my stomach burned. He basically ran down the stairs to me side.
"What is it Gabe?" He looked around the room.
"I'm hungry again." I said grabbing my stomach with my free hand.
"Gabe I just fed you. I can't keep doing this. I can't feed you anymore. I'm killing innocent people just so you can be happy." He screamed. I jumped slightly.
"Spencer," I started "I thought you loved me." I said, tears rolling down my face. God I'm good. Acting like I can actually feel anymore. I'm nothing more than a monster.
"I do. I'm sorry. I just- I can't- forget it I'll go find you something to eat." He walked up the stairs. A small smile crept onto my lips as he closed the door.


Spencer's POV

I told her I couldn't do this anymore, but I couldn't help it. I loved her. She was like my sister and I promised her I'd help her.
"Hey Ryan." I said my voice cracking.
"Hey Spence!" A smile crept across his face. I can't do this. "What's up?"
"Uh- nothing. Hey do you think you could um- maybe help with something?"
"Yeah sure. What?" He said, furrowing his eyebrows. He looked so innocent. I can't do this.
"Um this thing in my basement I need help with." I said pointing behind my back with my thumb.
"Like a leak?" He asked looking past me toward my house.
"Uh yeah something like that." I said shrugging.
We began walking to the house. I could feel my palms sweating and my knees growing weak. I can't do this; Ryan's my best friend. I kept telling myself that he wanted to die anyways; well he's gonna get his wish.
We reached the house and walked to the basement. I looked at him and I almost began to cry.
"I'm so sorry Ry." I said opening the door all the way.
"What do you mean Spence?" He asked and I shoved him down the stairs.


Ryan's POV

"What do you mean Spence?" I looked at him. Wait what's he doing?! I asked myself as he threw me down the stairs into the dimly lit basement. I heard him slam the door shut. What's happening? I looked around the room to find nothing except a radiator and... A person? Is that a person tied to the radiator? What the fuck?! I let my eyes travel around the room some more, just telling myself that the person in the corner was just the lights playing tricks on me, to something about five feet away from me. I decided to see what it was. Oh my god. Oh my god. No. No, no, no, no, no! What the fuck is Spencer doing in his basement?! There's a dead body!
"H-hello?" I heard a weak voice say. I was right someone was tied up to the radiator.
"Hello?" I said back.
"Oh my god! Please, please help me! I was walking and someone hit me over the head and I ended up here! Please help me out of this!" She screamed pulling at her restraint. What the fuck is wrong with Spencer?! There's a dead body and a girl down here! "Please! He already killed my friend I don't want to end up like her!" She pointed to the dead body.
"Shh! Keep it down! He might hear us. Now I need you to be quiet and we'll both get out of here alive." I said walking over to her and pulling on the chain that was wrapped around her left wrist. She's beautiful. I thought. She had long black hair atleast down to the small of her back, baby blue eyes, and the palest skin I'd ever seen which was littered with blood and bruises. I have to save her.


Gabe's POV

He walked over to me and started pulling the chain on my wrist. Haha if he knew what I was he'd stay away frome me. I thought to myself. I fought the urge to smile.
"It's not going to come off," He sighed his brown hair falling into his face over his gorgeous hazel eyes. He's so beautiful and innocent looking. I'm gonna have some fun before I kill him. I thought again. God I'm fucked up.
"What's your name sweetheart?" He asked.
"G-Gabriella Rae." I said trying to sound weak and defenseless.
"Do you have a nickname?" He was fidling with the chains lock, trying everything to get it open.
"How old are you?"
"F-fifteen. Almost s-s-sixteen." I said shaking a little. This brought back so many bad memories.
"Do you have any family Gabe?" He was obviously trying to keep our minds off of what was happening.
"An o-older brother, an-and a y-y-younger brother." I was purposely stuttering.
"Any parents?" He asked looking up at me.
"D-dead." I swallowed then looked at the floor.

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