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A Strange Sensetion is Falling Over Me


Mikey and Gerard go out for a day, and something happens.

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Gerard woke with a start, panting heavily. He looked around. No hospital. Just his living room.
He looked at the clock: 9:28 AM. Mikey was probably already awake. He could smell coffee. HE grinned.
"Yo, Gee?" Mikey called.
"I'm in the living room."
"Bro, what do you want to eat?"
Mikey smiled. At least he wanted something /normal/.
"--And steak!"
Mikey facepalmed. /Seriously Gee/?
He went into the kitchen, and started making the odd food for Gerard.
"Mikey? Is it done yet?"
"Patiance is a virtue, princess!"
About an hour later, Gerard's strange food was all done. He looked down at it.
He put a forkfull of pancakes, and steak, with maple syrup--in his mouth.
Mikey looked at him.
"Dude, if you puke I'm not cleaning it up."
"I'm not going to---"
He stopped.
"..not going to-- I gotta go Mikey!" He gasped, as he beelined for the sink.
Mikey watched as Gerard heaved. His older brother's body shook, as he threw up. Gerard stopped, an kneeled on the floor.
"My head's spinning."
"Hey, Gee? You gonna eat this?"
To which Gerard responded with heaving.
"Guess not." Mikey said as he cleaned up Gerard.
An hour later they weere in Best Buy, looking at CDs.
Gerard scanned the CDs, and found Green Day's Nimrod. He smiled, he hadn't heard Green Day cds since high school, even if MCR and Green Day were labelmates.
Mikey looked at him.
"Gee? You ready?"
He paid for his CD and went with Mikey to PF Changs.
They ordered Tofu and rice. Mikey was enjoying the food, but Gerard felt like he was going to be sick.
"Gee? Are you OK? You're not eating..."
"Its nothing Mikes, just morning sickness, it'll pass in a few hours," He smiled.
The smile soon fell, as the familliar feeling of his mouth becoming wet, and his stomach contents, slowly rising up, causing his chest to tighten.
His breath caught in his throat.
"Gerard ran as fast as he could to the bathroom.
He could feel his vision swimming. Then he threw up. It scratched his throat, causing him to gag. He closed his eyes, trying to will teh sickness off. He threw up again. His mouth was wet, and it tasted horrible. It was like 2004 all over again. He squeezed his eyes shut. He heard a concerned voice from the otehr side.
"Gee? Are you feeling OK?"
It was Mikey.
"Mikey....I wanna go home." He whispered, barely audible. He retched again.
"OK, come on Gee," Mikey whisperd, picking Gerard off of the floor. Gerard groaned.
Mikey carried his sick brother to tthe car, and drove home.
"Mikey, I'm sorry..."
"Don't say sorry, its not your fault."
Gerard was guided to the couch. He moaned as he fell on teh couch.
Well, so much for getting my hair dyed... he thought.
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