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I am now a legal citizen of 1998

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Summary: Emilia goes back in time, tired of her unpopular boyfriend less life and meets Patrick what do you think will happen?

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This is based off my imagination I do not own Patrick, Pete or any of Fall out Boy or even his friend Pete

got brief later but still good andsorry for non descriptive sex scenes

Emilia was in class and everyone was whispering and laughing at her as usual. She couldn't stand the ridicule, just cause she wasn't as pretty as them or as mainstream as them.

She thought to herself:
"I am tired of the boys not liking me because I am not a slut and girls laughing at me. If I lived in the time Patrick Stump was 14 this wouldn't be an issue.
I wish I could go back to 1998 and get to know him. He'd like me!"

Her wish some how came true, she was now in 1998 in Chicago at the high school Patrick Stump went to.
So she enrolled forging her "parents" signature.

Emilia was in luck and she got every class Patrick had. As she walked into her first class, she knew which one he was cause he was sleeping. And she recognized his face of course, she was a fan. Emilia sat in the desk beside him.

He suddenly woke up, he looked like old Patrick but a bit smaller and different hair but still relatively cute. He looked over at her and she looked back at him.

"Who are you?" Patrick asked confused.

"My name is Emilia, I just moved here" Emilia lied

"Oh awesome, I'm Patrick" he stuck out his hand and smiled, she took it and shook it.

"Nice to meet you Patrick" she smiled back. "She's really pretty" Patrick thought. "Patrick?" she said curiously do you not like school?

"i don't it's boring and i am really lazy." "oh!" she said.

she forgot for a second he was lazy, he had said it in a interview though.

"I know we just met but are you doing anything after school Emilia?" he asked nervously. "No, do you want to show me around?"

"yes i would i want to get to know you better and i don't think we can talk any longer as the teacher is coming." he says as Mrs. Lovering walks in, surprised Patrick is awake,

"Nice to have your attention to day Patrick!" she says kind of teasing him, kind of serious. "Well i should learn something in this class!" he replies in a smart ass tone.

Mrs. Lovering doesn't notice and starts the lesson the class happens to be math and Emilia groans quietly and whispers "I hate math, I don't know what to do."

Patrick whispers back, "just wing it, that is what i do you should get some of the answers right." he says trying to help her.

She nods and Mrs. Lovering notices Emilia "you must be the new student here." Emilia nods thinking how awkward that was just announcing she was new.

Later that day

It's lunch time and Patrick wants to help her get lunch and sit with her i mean she was the first girl that has been genuinely nice to him.

He comes up to her "hey want me to help you get your lunch since it's your first day here." She couldn't believe he was actually this polite to girls especially her.

"sure that would be nice!" she takes his hand "show me where to go maestro!" she says jokingly, he laughs and squeezes her hand back and takes her to the cafeteria.

They get there and the line for food is long and she groans, she hates waiting in long lines. He see's that she is uncomfortable and he leads her to his two friends, both guys.

One is named Pete (not Pete Wentz he had a friend named Pete in high school) another is Brian, Patrick introduces his two friends to Emilia and she shakes there hands and smiles.

Then they sit down with Pete and Brian look at Emilia in shock she is being nice to Patrick "so how did a girl like you become friends with a guy like Patrick?" Pete asks jokingly.

Emilia looks up "Patrick is a nice guy why not be his friend?" she smiles. Patrick looks at her in shock "but i am not like an attractive like them!" he point at some random egotistical looking jocks.

"Well Patrick they may be attractive to the girls over there but to me those guys seem egotistical and just straight up jerks and only cares about sex!"

Patrick smiled, liking that she didn't judge on appearance he then looks at the food line. "I think the line is getting shorter now, want to wait in line?"

She nods and gets up still has a hold onto his hand, hey he has warm hands and she is cold, he gets up with her and they walk to food line when he bumps into a jock.

"WATCH IT STUMP YOU NERD!" Patrick kind of cowers away, Emilia glares and gets in front of Patrick "Leave him alone you dumb jock!" The jock looks at her in shock.

"AND WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO A GIRL!" Emilia smirks "because i can do this!" She kicks in straight in his privates, luckily no teacher saw as the jock falls to the ground.

The jock is now looking cowardly up at Emilia, "Okay you win I will leave Stump alone!" Patrick is in shock and happy and hugs her tightly, she hugs back knowing this his way of thanking her.

He then whispers "thank you so much!" She smiles, she is kind of glad she is shorter than him it's less awkward to hug him.

"no problem Patrick, really you deserve it, you're a nice, polite guy!" Patrick can't believe what he is hearing that a girl likes him for who he is, he stops hugging but keeps one arm around her as the line starts moving.

She looks at him and he looks back "what can you buy for lunch here?" she asked "well you can buy anything like cheese burgers and fries."

She nods and smiles at the choices since she had those choices in the future, Patrick figures she is smiling cause she likes the choices.

They get to the front and he buys her food and him some food too and they go back to sit with Pete and Brian, Pete is staring at her in shock again.

"I saw what you did to that jock, that takes real guts i can't believe you did that!" She laughs "no one is mean to my new friends and gets away with it!"

they eat their lunch and the bell rings and she looks at her schedule and Patrick notices they have all the same classes and grabs her hand. "Come on!" they run off to their lockers get their books out and get to the next class which was history.

They sit beside each other at these long tables the class has and Mr. Connors comes in a young teacher looks around 23 and has a shirt and bow tie on.

"Good afternoon class1" he says excitingly and the whole class except me and Patrick say "good afternoon Mr. Connors." He looks over at her and Patrick "good to see you're awake today Mr. Stump and I think it has something to do with new student."

He notices that as they have not let their hands go "I think.." he looks up the attendance list and finds her name "Emilia is a great contribution as she keeps you awake and learning!" He smiles at us and walks away.

they laugh quietly and he gives us our first assignment which is on the holocaust, they have to write out a essay on why Hitler was an evil dictator and what he did.

Emilia started writing right away because she had learned about this, she didn't remember she was just taking Patrick's advice and sort of winging it.

A few minutes later she finishes as Patrick finishes writing his and she yawns kind of tired from the day and bored.

Patrick squeezes her hand again and whispers "you're awesome you know that?" She blushes and smiles and leans over and kisses his cheek in a friendly way and whispers "thank you!"

Patrick blushes and touches his cheek and smiles wider, Mr. Connors came around to collect the work he was shocked Patrick was done and he picked our papers up and said to Patrick "that is all i want! Work this hard everyday!"

Emilia nods for him since he is frozen in shock by everything that is going on and then he blinks "this has to be a dream, you can't be real, you're to perfect!"

Mr. Connors pinches him and Patrick yelps, Emilia laughs "nope you're awake!" Patrick is about to say something when the fire alarm goes off and everyone scurries out, we run out after going outside.

It is cold and Emilia doesn't have anything heavy on and she starts shivering at that moment Pete and Brian come over and they notice she is cold and so does Patrick and they all huddle around her.

Pete is kind of a pervy little 14 year old and tries to grab her ass from behind then Patrick quickly grabs his hand with his free hand and glares at him, Pete shrugs and the teachers finally say we can go in.

they go in and get back to class when the bell rings for 4th Period and we grab our books and Mr. Connors says they can leave, they go to the last class which is language arts they sit down

and the teacher Mr. Anderson starts talking about the lesson and then they get a piece of paper.

The Paper says write a grammatically correct short story and so we wrote it, sometimes stopping to think but we finish and the teacher takes our papers and now we can do whatever until the bell rings for the end of the day.

"well that was productive!" Patrick says, she laughs quietly at his sarcasm.

They start talking about their favourite music, movies and T.V. shows Emilia trying to keep her faves with the times and not saying movies that came out in later years. The bell rings for the end of the day, Mr. Anderson dismisses us and then we go to our lockers,

grab our backpacks, and leave.

Patrick offers to walk Emilia home and she accepts and they get there and he see's that they are neighbors. "I've never seen your parents" Patrick points out,

Emilia has to think now she can't tell him the truth so she starts fake crying which looks real "th-they're d-dead and t-the court thought I looked old enough to take care of myself!" Emilia has fallen to the ground.

Patrick takes her in his arms and hugs her tight, she is making this as real as she can shaking and sniffling. He takes her in the house and it looks lived in and somewhat like rich people lived there.

He brings her to the couch and holds her close and whispers in her ear that everything will be okay, this break down isn't totally fake she is actually thinking about the parents she left in the future to be here.

She calms down and she is pretty comfortable and happy even if she just really met him today, he feels the same way.

A year later

They are both 15 and have gotten together and are now boyfriend and girlfriend!

it was fate how they got together, it was on Emilia's 15th birthday and he invited her to the beach and they hung out playing in the water,

in the sand.

And when the sun was setting Patrick admitted his feelings to Emilia and they kissed! And now it is the summer time.

Patrick introduced her to his dad explaining how she lives next door alone because her parents "died" in a car accident.

Mr. Stump is shocked and says "you can stay here whenever you want as long as my boy has a girl like you, you're welcome here!"

She smiled "thanks Mr. Stump!" then Patrick introduced me to his older brother Kevin and his older sister Megan.

"nice to meet both of you!" Emilia says and rubs her eyes because they had a long day and Patrick whispers "tired baby girl?"

"yes, I am." She yawns and he picks her up, she is light and he is strong!

he takes her to his bed and tucks her in and kisses her and lays beside her.

She wraps her arms around him, laying her head on his chest and sleep comfortably,

The next day Pete is having a party and all his friends including Emilia and Patrick are invited.

It's not a drinking party it was that kind of party where they did what drunk people did but sober. Kind of like a school dance without supervision

Pete has this proposition for Patrick "in a year we were thinking a forming a band and since you can play drums we thought you should be our drummer

"Sure but why a year?" Patrick says really confused "Because we will be old enough to drive to where we need to play, and Emilia can come with us!"

"alright guys now can we have some peace and alone time!"

"alone time? that is all you get this is a party live it up!"

Pete says getting angry, Emilia looks up and glares at Pete and then smirks.

"i think Brian needs your help over there." She points to the stairs and he leaves them.

Patrick kisses her deeply and whispers "you're the best girlfriend ever even though you are my first!"

She laughs "you're the best boyfriend i ever had even if you're my first!" he smiles and she asks to go home since it is late.

They leave and walk back home

2 years later

They are 17 now, Patrick is in a band playing drums for his friend Pete's band,

he did the radio at school until they thought he swore on the radio.

Meanwhile Emilia has a few other friends named Joe trohman and she met Pete Wentz hanging with Joe when Patrick was busy but...

Patrick was only in the band until they didn't give in to letting him write songs so Joe told Patrick about Pete and him forming a pop punk band.

They needed either a singer, drummer or guitarist.

Patrick bluffed saying he could probably play one of those in a pop punk band.

So Patrick brought Emilia and went to audition and meet Pete Wentz, he greets us and looks at me and Patrick

"you go out with this dude, all i can say is lucky! for this dude!" she playfully punches him and he defends himself or tries.

"I was kidding Emilia!" as Pete says her name Patrick realizes they know each other and his eyes widen

"how do you know him?" she looks at Patrick "well through Joe when you were busy he introduced me to Pete."

"oh okay, lets go in!" they go in and he sings and Pete stops him "okay we hate the songs...but you can sing for us!"

Patrick is happy and shocked "okay..thanks!" he grabs my hand and we leave he is happy but in shock.

Emilia is smiling and stops him and turns him and kisses him "nice job, cutie!" he smiles against her lips.

She pulls him closer by the collar and whispers that she wants to reward him a certain way that night

That night she gets condom out and climbs on him and rip his clothes off slowly, puts the condom on,

they have sex it is awkward at first it hurts but by the end it felt good as they collapse into each other taking the condom off.

Throws the condom out and she lays on his chest as he strokes her hair, smiling as they feel great and they fall asleep.

2 years later

Patrick and Emilia are 19! The pop punk band has a name now,

it's called Fall out Boy! Thanks to someone in a crowd at a concert.

They had there first album out which was Evening out with your girlfriend, And they were touring,

Emilia went with them and she loved it! They did alot of press so she was alone on the bus sometimes

but she didn't mind at all she loved the peace and quiet,

then seeing Patrick after a show and how no matter what they felt very loving towards each other

Patrick had never said I love you though not yet he was to nervous but tonight he came in and picks her up and kisses her.

Then he says "I love you so much Emilia you seemed to be there for me from the first day we met!"

she nuzzles face in his chest. "I love you too, Patrick! So much!"

he then carries her to his bunk which somehow they can both fit into.

She falls asleep on his chest, then the next day Fall Out Boy had the day off so they went to see a movie but..

on the way there was this fan girl and she tried to grab onto Patrick and Dirty their security guard pulls her away

the fan girl scowls at Emilia "how come she gets to touch Patrick and i can't!"

Patrick replies "this is my girlfriend, she has been since we were 15,

you wouldn't have glanced at me when i was 15 you're just starstruck!" The fangirl admits defeat and walks away.

She kisses him and smiles "you're the sweetest man alive Patrick Stump!" he laughs and says "no i just love you!"

2 years later

Another tour is on for there next album FUTCT and Emilia stayed behind on this tour as she got a job to make extra money

and she wanted to make friends she made actual girls as friends there names were Kylie and Bridgette,

they had girls nights, but the Emilia got the news Pete was in the hospital cause he overdosed trying to kill himself.

She broke down crying, he was her best friend and to hear he almost died makes her so heart broken.

She goes to the hospital he is at,

he is awake when she comes in and she walks over to his bed and hugs him and he hugs back tight.

"never do this again!" she sniffles and is still crying a bit "I am so sorry Emilia i should've thought about your feelings.

"it's okay Pete I just don't want you to die now where is Patrick?" "he doesn't know yet."

She is kind of shocked and gives him her phone telling him to call Patrick and tell him, he does.

Patrick rushes down here and fumbles into the hospital room and put his arm tightly around me. "why Pete?"

Pete looks at him "I just felt lost in my thoughts" Patrick nods "just please talk to us next time you feel like this."

Pete nods

A year later Fall Out Boy released their music video for a little less 16 candles a little more touch me.

Emilia was on set and met William and Beckett and Brendon Urie,

Brendon is in that band Panic! at the Disco that Pete signed onto his record label in 2004.

William Beckett is in the band The Academy is.. that Pete had also signed onto his label

The video was exciting and vampiry esque all Emilia thought was Edward Cullen had nothing on Pete

Pete didn't sparkle or look like a pixie, after the video was done being made we hungout then me and Patrick went

home tired from the day but they are very tempted and get a condom and they rip eachother clothes off and have sex!

1 year later

Fall Out Boy releases infinity on high and go on another tour while Emilia works at the record store and listens for anything

on Fall Out Boy she was happy Pete didn't try to commit suicide ever again she just couldn't wait to see Patrick though

finally the day he was done touring they came back and he took her to dinner that night and saw a movie,

it was a scary movie she got scared and clung to Patrick.

then the movie ended and they went for a walk on the beach hand in hand.

At the time as they came back they were making another album. and it was going to be called under the cork tree

So Patrick and Emilia's days consisted on her working and hanging with the girls durhing the day as Patrick and Fall Out Boy

record the next album

1 year later it was released so they went on tour this time bringing Emilia, they had fun.

Most fan girls respected and liked her she had the occasional crazy Patrick obsessed fan but most of them liked her

she got to do meet and greets with them the girls even asked her to sign stuff.

Emilia had so much fun and she was so proud to be Patricks girlfriend.

As tour ended they had another album on there mind this one was going to be called folie au deux. Joe and Andy and Dirt

were messing around playfully with Emilia last day of tour, Emilia was laughing so hard

Then Fall Out Boy got asked to do a movie that year called sex drive so Emilia and the boys went and on set,

she met Seth Green and the other cast members and having Seth Green around made it fun.

his character was Amish so it made it funnier and the mention of Pete's penis came up in the movie

1 year later

Folie au deux was released and they did alot of photo shoots and that for it and now they are going on another tour

sometime though in February, Pete wife Ashlee Simpson who he was married too and they had a kid with call it quits

they were getting a divorce Pete was so down about it he put Fall Out Boy on hiatus he was to depressed and they needed a break.

So Patrick came home kind of down that their last tour will be the Blink182 tour and Patrick was getting asthma attacks.

"Patrick maybe you should go to the doctor about the Asthma that just came."

Patrick shook his head "I just need to lose weight."

They went on the Blink182 tour then called Fall Out boy on hiatus

2 years later

They are 26 turning 27 soon and Patrick has been writing songs and touring a bit he had lost 60 pounds

Emilia and Patrick still loved each other, Patrick was writing an album and they were as happy as ever!
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