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If you're waiting for my writing

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An explanating for if you're waiting for my stories or a personalised story

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Hey guys so at the moment I have no internet connection in my house apart from when I'm plugged in on my mum's laptop as I am now, unfortunatly this means I can't write at the moment as I have limited time on this laptop and I can't post to you anything I write on my Macas soon as we have got things fixed I will start up again but right now its really hard, espeshialy as winter is such a busy time for me as it is (I have birthdays weddings and other trips coming up thoughout th next month witch will take up a fair bit of my writing time) Theres a little bit of drama happening in my personal life too with I wont get into but it is kinda stressful for me because people are decks (spelt like that because of Kelly... on youtube... haven't watched her/him? go watch now... tattoos are for the /devil/) I also have Gcse work to be doing infact right now I am suposed to be doing my photography corsework. I will update when I can but It wont be for a while since my mother refuses to get someone in to fix the wifi >.<

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