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What pepito wants, pepito gets, and he happens to want a blueberry muffin.

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"Morning." Pepito yawned. He stretched up to the ceiling and cracked his neck as he walked into the kitchen. He stopped next to Todd and reached up to grab a mug.

"Do you ever even consider wearing clothes or should I stop asking?" Todd questioned. His room mate gave him a toothy grin, fangs flashing and sauntered over to the coffee in nothing but skull boxers. Pepito wiggled his hips as he walked. Todd was sure Pepito did this on purpose to taunt him.

"Never. Too much effort, Amigo." Pepito said. He poured himself a cup of coffee and eyed Todd's muffins. "Yum. Blueberry."

"Well will you please put something on just this once?" Todd asked. He continued putting dishes away and cleaning up.

"Oh? Why?" Pepito grabbed a pair of jeans from the couch and stepped into them.

"Just thought it would be nice for you to be civilized for... Pepito?"


"Those're mine." Todd pointed at the jeans clinging to Pepito's legs.

"Really? No wonder they're thight." Pepito wandered back into the kitchen and snatched a muffin from underneath Todd's nose as he began to pile them into a box.

"Not yet." Todd scolded. He plucked the muffin out of Pepito's hands and put it back. "These are for later."

Pepito smiled slyly. He leaned down and kissed Todd, their lips pressing together ever so lightly. He brushed a finger across Todd's cheek, leaving a burning sensation that matched the feeling in Todd's heart. Pulling away, he grinned cheekily at his baffled room mate and walked away, back into the bed room.

Todd shook his head. Pepito really was a mystery. When he turned back to the muffins, he smiled to himself.

One was missing.
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