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Chained To Life

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A shortish poem I wrote a while ago

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Published: 2011-11-17 - Updated: 2011-11-18 - 198 words - Complete

Have you ever wanted to let go?
Just pull the trigger.
Swallow the bottle.
Slice the vein.

Have you ever let go of another?
Pulled the trigger?
Sliced the vein?
Spoke the last word?

Have you ever failed to let go?
Missed your heart?
Saved by another?
Flushed the pills?

Sometimes i just need to leave this fuckin place.
Trains 'n Chains 'n Silver Plates
The world is getting so materialistic
Theres no way to escape the technology,
The irritating ringtones,
The constant gossip,
The idiocy of the average teenager.

 Whenever I try to let go, he always manages to swing me back around. 
If I let go of another, he does the memory justice with his graceful words and beautiful verse. 
If someone tries to let go of me, he takes me in his arms and sews my wounded soul back in place. 
It may not be perfect, or even pretty nice, but the pieces are all there, and that's all that matters. 
It means love. 
So what if the line is jagged?
Who cares if some's black and some's red?
I love all the little imperfections on my spooky soul.

And frankly, that's all that matters.
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