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Frerard one shot. Gee always warned Frank to stay out of the puddle-what will happen when he fall in?

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"No Fwankie, don't jump in the Pwuddle!" I say, a proud five years old, yelling at my playmate.

"Why not Gee?" He asks, brown eyes wide.

"Because, Fwank. The Puddle outside my house is magic." I say.

+++Ten Years Later+++

"Hey, Frankie. I think it's going to be wet because of the rain." I predict, handing my friend a coffee from the school store while looking up at the sky.

"I'll make sure not to step in the puddle in front of your house if it's there." He jokes, chuckling a bit. God it's adorable. Maybe I should just tell him I'm hopelessly in love with him. 'Hey Frankie, I think I love you' No. Oh bitch no. That wouldn't go over well, no it would not. My brother Mikey says I should do it. Nutter. I'd ruin the ten years of trust built between us.

"You laugh now, but you've never fallen in the puddle!" I claim. The puddle is indeed magic. If you fall in it, when someone asks you a quesion you have to answer it, and you have to do it truthfully. The magic only lasts a few days, though. That puddle almost ruined my childhood.

"Yeah, whatever." He brushes it off as we start the walk towards my house.

XX In Front Of Gee's House XX

"You better stay on that side of the road, Motherfucker. Or I will knock. You. Out." One of the crackheads from across my street says. I sigh, but Frankie jumps back, right into the...puddle.

"Frankie, no!" I yell, but it's already too late.

He steps out of the puddle. "See Gee? I didn't transport to magical Gerard-Is-Insane Land, did I?" Frankie smirks, now ignoring the high man across the street.
His eyes widen as he doubles over in shock, not pain.

"What was that?" He asks me, the feeling I've felt before now disappearing.

"Frankie..." I sigh. "I told you not to step in the puddle. I think it's best if you stay at my place. What do you think? Until the magic wears off, I mean."

"Um...I'd love to." He says. "Wait! I meant to say that would be cool. What does the puddle's magic do, anyway?"

I grin. "Oh. not much. You'll find out eventually, after we have several conversations interest." I wink.

"Erm...Okaaay. You're being weird." He comments. I laugh, dragging him by the hand into my house, then my bedroom in the basement. (Fuck yeah!)

"So Frankie, who do you want to listen to most?" I ask as he settles onto my bed.

"You." He says, then claps his hands over his mouth. "I didn't mean to say that."

I nod. "But it was how you honestly meant the answer."

"Um...Okay." He says. "You're being weird, Gee."

"Hey Frank, I've been wondering...who do you like?" I ask, wanting to know. He's hinted he likes someone, he just won't tell me who. And it's very annoying. I mean, I at least want to know who my competition is.

"You." He says, and his eyes(not to mention mine) widen at those words. He stands up, desperate to leave.

"Wait!" I exclaim, grabbing his wrist and pulling him into a kiss. A very passionate I've-Wanted-To-Do-This-For-Years kiss. "Will you be my boyfriend?" I ask, breaking our kiss, pulling our foreheads together.

"Yes." He whispers back.

"God I love that magic puddle." I whisper, and kiss him again before he can ask questions.


MWA HA HA HA HA! Okay, I have a legit reason why I have a new one shot, for those of you who read me. I was in English Language Arts, and we had to write out 3 haikus. Being me, it took about 5 minutes and I had the rest of the period to do whatever I wanted. So I stole a peice of paper and wrote this. I didn't have my other stories with me to work on, might I add. And I like this, so I thought I'd post just to show you lovely readers I am NOT brain dead. Yet. MWA HA HA HA HA I'm sorry if you're waiting for me to update my other storuis. Things are going to get intense-ish and come to a close in We'll Wake The Thought Police, and in WtF, Dude, the same is likely going to happen. SURPRISE TWISTS!!! Okay, some of them you expect. I'm also working on a collab with Love_it_or_leave_it. Love her. I assume she's a girl, but hey, I could be wrong, though it's a rare occurence. Well, R&R before I eat you! JK I wouldn't do that. I'm a vegetarian. (*mumbles: Stupid Skittles.) R&R because you know I love you. My rates are in the negative s again! Woot woot! It makes me sad, but it might be a glitch because once I open the screen I am faced with posotives. Bitches.
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