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If I'm So Wrong, How Can You Listen All Night Long?

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Wynter is the new girl trying to fit in, defying everything she loves, will Gerard and his gang get her to stop? Will her secrets be revealed ?

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Summary :Wynter is the new girl trying to fit in, defying everything she loves, will Gerard and his gang get her to stop? And what was the reason she transferred?

Hope ya all liked it. :)

Belleville high, a place where people are labeled, the outcast are detested as the name suggests, the popular people and the outcast were like heaven and hell, big difference, and the normal students, make the earth in between.

There was one particular group of outcasts that don't get picked on, the group consist of Gerard Way, the leader of sorts, Mikey Way, the cute glasses wearing brother, Frank Iero, the fun sized hyperball, Ray Toro, the man with the fro and Bob Bryar, the blond guy with the lip piercing and looks way older than he actually is. They were a tough group, they knew how to fight and win, but they don't fight for the sake of fighting, they fight for the sake of self-defense and protecting others, that's what makes them strong.


I waved Mikey and Bob off as they went to their homeroom, I was in the same homeroom as Ray and Frank, great isn't it. No I mean it really is great, I love these people, they are the only ones who understand what real music is. The jocks were making faces to us, not like I care.

I turned a corner, ignoring Frank and Ray's talks about video games, then I ran into someone.

"I-I'm sor-sorry! I did-didn't see you there!!" A girl's voice said out, she was apologizing faster than a lightning could flash. "No, it's okay. It's my fault, are you okay?" Might as well be nice, it seems like this girl is a new student.

"I'm sorry, I was looking for homeroom, but I couldn't find it and i didn't want to be late so I rushed, sorry!" she apologized again.

"No, it's okay-" I stopped talking as I clearly saw the girl, She had long straight black hair, no dye, it was silky and shining a little. She swept her fringe away from her eyes with her hand, her black eyes standing out against her pale skin. I stood up straight as she did the same.

"What's your homeroom, maybe we could show you there." Frank said swiftly. "Oh, that would be awesome, thank you so much!! It's 5J." 5J, isn't that my class? That's great. "Thats our class, we can go together." Ray said.

We walked to class with the girl thanking us non-stop. When we walked in, the jocks flipped us off and the popular girls were faking gossips and moving away from us. The new girl got called by the teacher outside in the corridor so she didn't come in with us, I flipped the jocks off, I was not in a good mood this morning.

"Alright class, settle in, we have a new transfer student today, be nice." Our teacher gave the jocks an evil look that could literally kill. The new girls walked in behind the teacher, "Um, hi, I'm Wynter Oh Leo, you can call me Wynter, I'm from malaysia." She said shyly. Now that I got a good look at her, she was really good-looking. She was wearing a dark blue Windsor hoodie over over a black T-shirt, I think, I see the edge of the T-shirt poking out. She was wearing black skinny jeans with Black and Neon Green hightop converse. Her hair was not plain straight, it was layered slightly and had a slight curl to it.

Following tradition, we get to ask the new students questions, well, mostly the jocks and popular girls were asking questions, like an interview to join them or something. It went like this.

"Who's your favourite singer?" Shaline the queen bitch asked.

Wynter looked deep in thoughts before she answered. "Bruno mars." Really? Bruno Mars? Wow, she didn't look like that type of girl.

"Why?" Tiffany asked, also one of the bitches.

"Cause he's hot, and he sings good." That seems like a well thought answer for the bitch interview. Tiffany already had an approving look at her answer, meaning she was okay with Wynter joining the bitches.

But Shaline wasn't satisfied yet, "favourite pass time, colour and nail polish."

"Shopping, hot pink and shiny light blue transparent." She answered like she was reading the answers out from a book. Shaline was now happy and satisfied, which meant the jocks were fine too, leading to Wynter joining the bitch group. And here I thought we would have a new friend.


I thanked god that I read that disgusting teen magazine about these stuff, I got in the popular group, which meant I wouldn't be picked on anymore, and I didn't have to spurt anymore blood, not that it matters since it isn't my blood, but oh well. Shaline thinks I'm a total girly girl, which was good since I wanted to fit in, the jocks were coming towards me, I rerun everything I had read about flirting in my head before giving them a small shy smile, as every girly girl would do.

"Hey, Wynter, so, are you free this Sunday? Chris is having a big party on this Sunday in his house, and since you're new here, maybe you should come and get to know more people." A guy with a blonde Mohawk with brown strikes told me. I wasn't that dumb, this meant 'Hey, wanna come to the party, get drunk, and have sex with me?' in jock code, not that I could decline anyway, I just have to be more careful.

"I'm not sure, are you sure it's okay with the others?" Cue fake shy innocent face and voice. "Of course it's fine, it's my party, I can invite anyone I want." A guy with black hair and lightly tanned skin, which I presume is Chris, said as he sat down beside me. "Thanks ."

"Where do you live? I'll come pick you up at 6." Chris said. "No, it's okay, just give me your address, I wanna drive around to get to know this place." I smiled shyly again, god, this is tiring. "Sure, here, and here's my number, call me if you can't find the place." He flashed me a smile. Thank god the bell rang when it did, I was getting lazy.

Turns out I didn't have any of the same class as the jocks and bitches, I took music, art, math, science, English literature, and Chinese for the foreign language class, I'm sure I can ace that. The only thing I like about studying here is that I don't have to wear a uniform and we get to choose classes, this is fun. And I'm lost again, where the he'll is the music room??

I walked pass the gym, the jocks were having PE, I didn't pick that, I would have if they had either archery or taekwondo, but they don't, so no way am I choosing PE.

Shit, did I just bump into someone? Crap, how many times can this happen a day? Better apologize first." I'm sorry, I wasn't looking, are you okay?" I stood up and helped the scrawny glasses kid up, he looked kinda cute, no wait scrap that, he's fucking cute! There was a big blonde dude beside him, that kinda scared me, but his blue eyes were mesmerizing.

"Yeah, I'm fine, are you new here, I don't see you around much." The skinny one asked. "Yeah, I'm new, do you happen to know where the music class is?" please say yes, I'm gonna be so late!!

"Yeah, we're heading over there now, we van being you there." The blonde guy said. This is great, "Thanks a lot, by the way, I'm Wynter."

"I'm Mikey and this is Bob, I gotta warn you about the music room though, there isn't much people in there, I think there might be only us in there, along with Gee and Frank and Ray."

"Why? Music is great, why would someone not want to take music?" Shit, that sounded too much like me, too much non-bitch.

"I know right? But the good thing is the jocks and bitches won't be there." Mikey beamed. Was he an outcast too? I shouldn't hang around them too much. "here we are, the music room, the teacher doesn't come around a lot cause there isn't much students in, so we're free to do whatever we want."

I walked in and saw the three guys I bumped into this morning, "Hey mikes, bob, oh hi Wynter." He didn't sound too pleased to see me. "Hey Gee, how'd you know Wynter?"

"She had homeroom with us, she's with the bitches." The shorter guy said, he was tuning his guitar. "Really, she didn't even look like a bitch." Thats true, I never looked much like a bitch, I was always the sporty music type.

"Anyway, I'm Ray, that's frank and that's Gerard." The guy with the Fro said. "Oh, hi, I'm Wynter, well you probably already knew that."

Mikey walked over to an amp and plugged in his bass, Ray was fiddling with his guitar, I brought my Classical guitar, but i felt like playing that pretty piano at the side there,, it was black, plain black. I walked over to it and pushed open the top, "You play paino?" Frank asked disbelieved.

"Yeah, why the shock?" I asked. "Well, most bitches doesn't have the 'time' to learn these stuff, do you play anything else?" He asked me again. "Oh, I had a lot of free time. I play bass, drums and guitar too." And I meant I had a lot of free time, never had much friends at home.

"Oh oh, can you play us a song, pretty please??" Aww, frank looked like a cute little puppy. "Um, okay, if you want, but I don't know any English songs." not that I don't know, heck my favourite bands sing english, but they can never know my favourite bands, it would kill my rep.

"Oh, I forgot you weren't from here, its okay, any song will do." he pressed on, I guess he really wants to hear me play. Okay let me think, I think I'll go with that one.

"Okay, just tell me to stop when it goes horrible okay?" they nodded.

I took a deep breath and started playing and singing a Cantonese song I remembered.

When i was finished, the boys clapped, but i could see the confusion on their faces because of the language, i giggled at that. I'm glad I know other language than English, if i didn't, my cover will surely be blown, not like I really knew Bruno Mar's songs, I knew them, but I never liked them much.

"That was awesome, even though I had no idea what the song meant, but the rhythm was nice." Frank said.

"Hey, Wynter, we're like, going to skip today and go shopping! Do you wanna come?" Tiffany walked in, then she stood rigid, "What the hell are you doing hanging out with the losers??" She flicked her hands in a 'eww' way.

Fuck, how am I supposed to explain now?? God FML.

If any of you want to listen to the song it's 爱不疚 by 林峰 "here's the link to it on youtube": , the video isn'm mine , FYI it's really nice, and please do Review, even a smiley face will do, :) Thank You :) And please give my other story a read :) "What's Your Favourite Colour?":
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