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The Phantom Realm- Sequel to My Dirty Little Secret...

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Sequel to My Dirty Little Secret-Gerard is the feared ruler of the Phantom Realm. He has his evil eye on Reia, who he'd like to keep for himself. If he wants her, he must kill her. Can Frank stop h...

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I looked at my suitcase, packed and ready to go. Today was the dreaded day I moved in with my Aunt Teresa. Not that anything was wrong with Teresa, but I'd have to change schools, leave my friends, and be in pretty much the middle of nowhere. She had bought a new house with a barn and alot of land which was near a forest. I guess the good thing is her horse, Mysti. I always loved to ride her deep in the forest since I was 13 and I'm 17 now.

We live in New Jersey, and I'm moving in with Aunt Teresa because my mom and dad have to go down to Virginia to take care of my grandma, who is seriously ill. "Reia come on, we're leaving!" I heard mom yell from downstairs. I picked up my bag and headed downstairs, and out to the car.

1 hour later...

I stared out the window at endless fields until I saw a forest, followed by a driveway ahead. We turned into the driveway, and I could get a view of the house. It was a two-story,painted white, with a black roof. Mom stopped the car halfway down the drive. "Bye Reia, I'll call you if we don't make the flight and we'll pick you up." Mom said. I stepped out the car, and onto the gravel. Dad waved before Mom pulled away and sped off as Aunt Teresa came out to greet me. She invited me inside and we had a long conversation before I went upstairs to my new room to get settled in.

After unpacking my stuff I checked the time on my phone. 3:00 PM. I still had time to take Mysti out for a ride before dark. I went downstairs to the kitchen, and took an apple out the fridge. "Going outside!" I yelled, as I walked out the back door. I walked down a dirt path to the barn, taking in the view. The barn was pretty big, painted red, and had a pasture to the side of it, which Mysti was in. Behind it was a huge forest, that was easy to get lost in! I walked up to the pasture gate, and gave Mysti the apple I had taken with me.

I put on her headcollar, and led her into the barn. After saddling up, we proceeded to ride into the forest. I made mental notes of my surroundings, incase I didn't make it out before the sun sets. Tree...Tree...Another that a...oh, that's still a tree. Everything looked the same until I passed a little abandoned shack. I slowed Mysti to a walk and decided that was gonna be my landmark.

I didn't get very far until I noticed a boy maybe a little older than me, sketching under an oak tree, blankly staring at me. It was one of those really awkward moments, so I just smiled and waved. His face twisted into confusion, as he came running over to me. He was wearing a leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans. His black hair was tangled, and he was very pale.

"Hi." I said, as he looked confused again. "Uhh, hi...w-why are you out here in the middle of the forest?" He asked. "Just taking my horse out on the trail. What about you?" I said. "I'm name's Gerard." He said, as we shook hands. I noticed that his hands were as cold as ice. "My name's Reia, nice to meet you, but I've gotta get going." I replied, as I urged Mysti into a gallop back home.

Frank's P.O.V.

I stayed silent in my hiding spot which was in a very tall oak tree. Everybody says my curiousity always gets the best of me. Gerard is the the cruel ruler of my town. He's the man everybody insists you stay away from, and there he was speaking to an innocent girl. I couldn't stay away, I had to warn the girl not to trust him. Gerard and I used to be best friends...maybe even a little in love, and then on that dreaded night we were chased by killers, and got lost for weeks in the forest, and eventually died.

There's a lot she doesn't know. He'll stop at nothing to get you to join him, he's the feared ruler of the Phantom Realm, and he's a ghost. In fact...I'm a ghost. He became the ruler because when he was alive, he was one of the very few that owned a black velvet box given to him by his grandmother which holds mysterious forces. I can still remember the bitter winter night I tried to work something out with him.

I never liked the way he used his forces cruelly, so I tried to talk him out of being so evil. It ended up with him trying to Doom me, which he thankfully didn't succeed in. If he Dooms someone, he sends them to the worst, most torturous part of the Phantom Realm forever. After that, we became enemies, and we still are to this day.

I had to find a way to talk to her as soon as possible, but sneaking out into the real world is hard. I disappeared slowly, slinking back into the Phantom Realm.
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