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A new start

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My first story I put on the web. Features TMB! Enjoy! :) x

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I'm here again. The exact same place where it always happens. The beatings and leaving me for dead. Poor old Penny they used to say. Things have changed now, people have stopped caring. People from my school hating the fact that I was different leaves my green eyes black, and stain my multi-brown couloured hair red with blood.

I'm used to it, but that doesn't mean I don't hate it. My family don't notice though, and they probably never will. My mum's a druggie, and my dad's an alcoholic, they both get physically abusive to me. Two whole groups of people who hate me, and one's your own parents? You're probably thinking. Well, not exactly. Three groups. School, parents, and myself. If I could, I would show you all the cuts on my arms, which are too many to count, you'll probably mistake them from my hair. Little did I know, that today was going to be different, and that I'll find the one thing I was in need of my whole life.

I was just about to be hit by those chavs again when I heard something.
'Oi! Leave her alone!' Shouted a man. I turned around to see three 20 something year olds in the alleyway. The chavs ran off after spotting them. I stood up slowly and walked slightly closer to them as I picked up my tote bag.

'Thank you, but that just cost me double tomorrow.' I said.

'Then I guess we'll just have to be there tomorrow.' He replied. I noticed his voice was the same guy who told them to stop. He was bloody beautiful! He had shortish messy, brown hair, and matching colour eyes, and on top of them where the most amazingly unique eyebrows.

Next to him was a skinny man with a blackish-brownish afro, and again, brown eyes, and next to him was opposite in figure, but the same eye colour, and emoish-black hair, and a beard and moustache.

'Who are you guys anyway? Batman Robin and their best mate or something?' I asked. They chuckled slightly.

'No, I'm Ashley, this is Stef, and next to him is Dru.' Ashley said. "Ashley and Penny" I like it. Oh shit!
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