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Chapter 1: A Weary Young Man

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Chris and Christopher meet for the first time.

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He's a rather short man, about 5'6, but he looks strong, I can see his lean muscly arms, as he's not wearing any jacket.  He's wearing a black AC/DC t shirt with tight black skinny jeans. His hair is teal, I think it suits him perfectly, he's smooth and calm like the ocean waves. Suddenly, he takes his eyes off the ground and looks me over. 

We're caught in a stare. His eyes are gray, they remind me of the cold stone behind my back. He's quite a gorgeous man, I think. I wonder why he's here. 
"Did you know Tyler?" he asked me. I was silent for a moment before I responded. "No. I'm sorry to bother you."
"Its alright. My names Chris. I knew Tyler.."
" My names Chris too, Chris Cade."
"Isn't it too early for a girl like you to be out here?"
"I guess, but I never sleep at night  anyways, so why not be here?"
"Ah, same problem here" He sets down the fresh flower. "I wish this was all a dream.."
"You don't know how many times I've thought the same"
"Hasn't everyone at some point?"
"Maybe so, but I think it every waking moment. Dreams are my rare escape from reality"
"I wish I dreamed more often.." He sat down beside me. "I've got time to kill, tell me more"
"Alright, well my parents hate me. They'll do anything to get me out of the house, and they don't give a damn if I ever come back. I don't really have anyone anymore." 
He moves closer. 
"Ouch, sounds like your really living the life."
"Yeah, what about you?"
"Well, I feel like I haven't had anyone since Tyler died.. I don't enjoy life really. I substitute teach high school, can't find a steady job, I'm too useless.." 
 "I doubt your useless, you seem pretty strong at least."
"I'm not useful, I'm a teacher, Chris."
He rolls his eyes at me, as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. 
"Then of course your useful, you teach."
"I'm not good at teaching, or anything for that matter. I'm an idiot, I don't sleep, and I'm made fun of by my own damn students."
"I'm sure you aren't an idiot Chris, neither do I, but why would they do that? You seem pretty perfect.."
He shifts around, obviously confused by the way I called him perfect.
"Well I am an idiot. They make fun of the way I look. Always my hair."
"I love your hair. It suits you perfectly."
Smiling uneasily, he responds
"Thanks, I like yours too."
My hair is colored like fire, reds with orange and bits of yellow highlight the blaze that is my head. 
"Thank you, I wish I could say something good about Tyler, to make you smile.."
He cracks a small, weary smile.
"You just did."
He really is perfect, his eyes, his smile, the way he fidgets a bit when he's sitting next to me, I know right now. I want this man. It's nearing four am now, I should tell him I need to get home. 
"Hey um, I have to go home now and get ready for school, sorry, I hope I'll see you again."
"Oh, okay, I'll be here again tonight. Meet me again?"
"Of course, I'll see you tonight."
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