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Never be afraid again.

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A kinda sad one-shot frerard.

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I ran through the rain, clutching my phone in my palm and smoothing my hair out with the other. He said he would meet me at the corner of the park at 5, it's already quarter past and I was worried he would have already given up and left. As I sprinted through the blocks of housing the park appeared  in my view.
Stood with his back resting on the fence, is the person who makes my life worth living, Gerard. Even in the rain his dark glasses were carefully resting on his nose, like they had been for the past month.
He didn't seem to notice me walking towards him until I was close enough to call his name. His body jerked and his face lifted slowly, as if he couldn't see out of his blacked-out glasses and was looking for me. He finally held his arms out and smiled, I ran into him and kisses his wet lips softly.
'I was worried you wouldn't show.' he whispered.
'I was running late, I texted you- oh yeah, your phones broken.' he nodded, as I remember him telling me how he couldn't text and could only make calls from his house phone until he got a new one.
'I wouldn't have left, wether you were 10 minutes late, or ten hours late.' I blushed and hugged him close, the rain was finally letting up and it was almost turning into a nice day.
'look, Gee, a rainbow!' I pointed into the sky, his face turned up, but he wasn't even looking in the right direction.
'it's over there, silly, to the left.' his head flicked too far to the left before he gave up and looked at the floor.
'I can't see it, I-it's probably my sunglasses, they-'
'why don't you take them off.' I smile playfully and reach for his face, he freezes and I pull my hands back.
'what's the time?'
'I- half five, why?' 
'I have to go.'
'there's somewhere I have to be, I'm sorry.' he pulled my face up and kissed my hair softly before walking down the usual path to his house.
I shoved my hands in my pockets sulkily and began walking back to my house, splashing in the puddles moodily like a child having a tantrum.
I didn't want to go and sit in my house on my own, my mom would be at work, and my dad would be out where ever he went when he wasn't at home. I pulled out my mobile and checked my inbox, my last message was from Gerard, exactly 30 days ago, simply saying he loved me. I threw my phone at the path and the screen shattered, I didn't even bother to pick up the pieces and carried on walking home. 

'Frank? I need to talk to you. I called your mobile but it was off, are you okay? Erm, just come over to mine as soon as you can. I love you.'
I played Gerard's voicemail over and over again, trying to think what could be so important that he actually risked calling the house phone for. He knows my dad would've just deleted the message and not told me, yet his voice sounded so urgent. I tossed the phone down on the sofa and picked up my coat.

Gerards door swung open before I could even finish ringing the bell, he stood in the doorway with his hair ruffled and the same blacked out glasses on his face. He smiled, but it was an uncertain smile, like he wasn't sure it was me.
'you wanted to talk to me.' I said slowly, as if trying to prompt him into telling my why he needed me so urgently.
'yeah, come in, sit down.' I walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, he followed but as he went to step over my out-stretched legs, he lost his balance and fell as if he hadn't even realised my feet where there.
'what did I just fall over?' he asked, sounding dazed.
'my feet, you looked at them and everything, are you okay? Did you hit your head? How many fingers am I holding up?'
He started sobbing quietly, tears rolling out from under his glasses and down his pink cheeks.
'I don't know.' He mumbled.
'okay, just focus on them, try and get your vision straight, focus on my face, on my eyes...'
'I cant!' He cried in exasperation. 'I can't focus on your eyes because I can't see them! I'll never see them again! I'll never be able to see your eyes, see you face, see your fingers, see the rainbows!'
'you only hit your head gee, you'll be fine' I replied, worry seeping into my voice.
'no I won't, Frank! I'll never be okay! I'm blind, Frank!' his face fell into his hands and he sobbed, his whole body heaving and his breathing heavy and loud. I pulled him into my arms and hugged my tight.
'you don't need to be able to see me, you'll always have my voice, be able to feel my touch...we'll get through this.' a single tear fell down my face as it began to sink in how it must feel to slowly forget what your friends look like, what your family look like, what your home looks like...
'what are you wearing today Frank?'
'my ripped jeans and my maiden top.' I replied, completely confused.
'and your hair Is still black, with red?'
'with the long side fringe and the matching red eyeliner.' I finished.
'that's how I will remember you then, forever.'
I smiled, before realising he couldn't see it. 'that great, as long as you remember me with a smile.'

A/n: hope you liked this, being blind is one of the things I fear most in life, like the feeling of nothingness, slowly forgeting what peoples faces look like and not being able to see what other people can, that's what inspired me to write this story.:) -ash
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