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Read le title.

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Okay, I've got my Results :D
Drumroll please! -drumroll-

Ashley Purdy's gf: Frankie Corleone ilovefrankieieroxx

Ronnie Radke's gf: Kristi Parker XxPerfectTomorrowxX

Hayley Williams's gf: Cathy (Cat) Bridge CatscanFlyy

Andy Biersack's gf: Chloe Walsh Apocalyto

Lyn-Z Ballato's bf: Ashley (Ash) Walsh Apocalyto

Zacky Baker's gf: Triana Drew MrsWayandIero

Matt Saunders' gf: Analeigh Blackburn gunpowderandlead

I still don't have a friend for Gerard yet though. So the person who auditioned for it: please give a name to your character c:
Or one of you guys could also be his friend -wiggles eyebrows-
Thankyou so much for auditioning guys! I have the first chapter nearly written, I'm just waiting on Gee's friend.
Some of you will show up more than others and some will show up later than others, but don't worry, you'll all show up soon :D it just depends on how the story goes.
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