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Happiness Is Still Free - a Patrick Stump story

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ONE-SHOT Short little story! What if Patrick Stump was an overprotective father to a teenage daughter? *Written on request* PG for the language! POV Patrick Stump

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"Dammit!" I say, as I slam my hand down hard on the counter top. "Fuuuck!" that hurt.

I put my cellphone down, as I try to shake the pain out of my hand. I'm angry, but mostly worried. I had just tried Shauna's cellphone for a fifth time this last half hour.

I can't believe her! We had a deal: always call if you're late! I start to pace back and forth in the kitchen.

Okay, calm down Patrick! Nothing gets better with you pacing. But dammit!

That exact second I hear the front door open.

"I'm home!" Shauna yells, and I hear the slam of the door and the thud of her dropping her book-bag on the floor.

I walk quickly out into the hallway. Now this would be the moment to just be thankful she's alright, but my brain being irrational I say forcefully:

"Where have you been?"

Shauna's face is a bit flushed, like she's been hurrying. Her long strawberry blond hair is static from her woolen scarf.

"At the library with Allison. We have a history test next week. We did some research," she says as she pulls off her scarf and jacket.

"Oh, and you were totally incapable of calling?" I say angrily.

"My battery died…" she looks down at her feet, "and then we ran into Toby and Jimmy, and got to talking…" she's blushing a bit.

Damn! This freaking Toby again… I try my hardest, and I manage to let it slide.

"And Allison doesn't have a cellphone, does she? So there must be some other Allison you keep texting all night…?"

She smiles a little.

"I didn't think of that, and besides Toby an…"

I cut her off.

"Dammit Shauna! I'm sick of Toby this and Toby that! That doesn't excuse the fact that you're an hour late!" I almost yell. "Besides, you're too young to be talking about boys." Shit, I know those words are a mistake the second they're out of my mouth.

She looks at me defiantly.

"No, I'm not! I'm 14, Dad!" Shauna is yelling back at me.

"Oh no, you're not! Not for another two weeks, young lady!" I can't help myself.

My concern for her is displaying as anger. She hates it when I'm condescending. And in all fairness, I don't have to be condescending that often. My daughter is smart and mature, but right now she's not thinking straight…

Shauna now has tears in her eyes, as she looks at me sadly.

"I can't believe you said that…" she looks disappointed, as she turns swiftly on her heel and walks to her room.

"Shauna…" I call after her.

I hear her door slam!

Damn! Why did I have to do that? So goddamned unnecessary! And now I can't even apologize right away either. One of the rules we have in this house is that when someone closes their door, we respect that they want to be left alone. I guess I'll have to wait for her to open it…

I go to the kitchen and to start to prepare dinner. 45 minutes later dinner's ready and all set up in the dinning room. I walk back to Shauna's room.

Her door's a bit ajar. I guess she's ready to talk… I knock on it.

"Yeah…" she mutters.

"Can I come in?" I ask.


I enter my daughter's room. She sits cross-legged on her bed with her lap top. She looks up at me, and her eyes are a bit red and puffy.

Oh, she's been crying… I feel a swoop in my stomach. I really hate it when it's me that's made her cry.

"Honey, I'm so sorry…" I watch her apologetically, "I was just really worried when you didn't answer your phone, or didn't call me…" I reach out a hand for her.

Usually we're really close, considering it's just her and me.

She puts her lap top down beside her and gets up. I reach out my arms for her. She walks into my open arms and I give her a huge hug.

"I'm so sorry, Sweetheart!" I say again, as I give her a peck on the top of her head, "I was being really unfair!"

"Yes, you were!" she mumbles when she actually hugs me back.

I chuckle a little.

"Well, good that we agree on that…" I say, and Shauna lets me go and sits down on her bed again.

I sit down beside her.

"I know I'm being a bit overprotective sometimes, I just can't have anything happen to you…" I look at her.

"What's gonna happen, Dad?" she asks with a smirk.

"Well, I know what boys your age think about…" I say carefully.

Shauna looks back at me like I'm the child and not her.

"Oh Dad, just cause we both know what boys my age think about, doesn't mean I'm gonna let them… You raised me right! And besides, I know I can't actually date until I'm 15. But that doesn't stop me from having a little crush, does it?"

I just look at her with my mouth a bit open, and probably a dumb founded look on my face.

She laughs.

"Ah, Dad!" she reaches over and puts her hand under my chin to close my mouth.

I swallow and give her a huge smile.

"How did you become so smart?" I ask.

"I dunno…" she smiles back, "good genes I guess…"

I laugh as I stand up.

"Thanks! Come on, dinner's ready."

I walk out to the dining room.

"Just a sec, Dad! Gotta write something to Allison first," she yells back.

I sigh, and realize everything is back to normal. Thankfully!

Two weeks later it's my Sweetheart's birthday. I've been planing a surprise party for her. We're at a place with a huge dance floor, I've invited all her friends, and I hired a DJ. During the party I grab the DJ's mic.

"I just wanna say a couple of words… Thank you, Shauna, for being the best daughter a parent could wish for! Happy birthday, Honey!" I smile, and I'm suspecting I might be embarrassing her a little. But she's actually just standing there, looking all gorgeous and grown up, smiling back at me.

This encourages me to continue.

"Okay, will you guys all help me to sing "Happy Birthday" for Shauna Stump?!"

And I begin to sing as the huge cake rolls into the room. Shauna's jaw just drops. I smile during the song, I love to spoil and surprise her.

Everybody sings for her and she giggles and jumps around a little with Allison. Okay, so maybe not so grown up, I think to myself. Phew! Maybe there's a year, or two, left before she begins to recent me… and hopefully she never will!

When I've finished the song, Shauna walks up to me and grabs the mic.

"My dad, ladies and gentlemen! The amazing Patrick Stump!" and she gives me a hug and a peck on the cheek. She whispers in my ear, "thank you! I love you, Daddy!"

Oh, my heart melts… She hasn't called me "Daddy" in years…

"I love you too, Shauna!" I whisper back. I grab the mic back, "I think I might have one more surprise up my sleeve…" and with that the music starts and Shauna's favorite band enters the stage.

The squeal from Shauna and all her teenage girlfriends reminds me of my Fall Out Boy days. It's deafening! I just laugh and leave the stage.

When the band plays a slow song I see a long gangly teenage guy walk up to Shauna and probably asks her to dance, because she nods and they start dancing. They are actually kind of cute and quite a bit awkward.

I decide to hang back, I don't what to ruin anything. And as my smart daughter told me a couple of weeks back, I raised her right.

As the song ends the guy gives Shauna a little bow and the tiniest of kisses on her cheek and walks off. Shauna looks baffled for a moment and the next second she starts looking around desperately. I'm suspecting she's looking for Allison, but when she sees me hanging back in the corner, she smiles hugely in relief and actually skips towards me.

"Dad! Did you see that?" she squeals when she's near enough, so that her voice isn't drowned by the music.

I smile back.

"Actually, I did…"

"Oh my God! Do you know who that was?" she looks positively ecstatic.

"Nope!" I confess.

"That was Tooooobyyyyy!!!" she squeals even higher.

"Congrats, Sweetheart! He seems to like you too…" I say, and I realize I actually mean it.

I have decided to relax about boys for a bit, at least until she starts to date for real. I have to have confidence in her.

"Thank you so much for inviting him! Thank you for the party and the band and everything! You're the best dad in the world!" she throws her arms around my neck and gives me a quick hug.

She runs off before I have time to react. Probably in search of Allison to tell her all about Toooooobyyyyy!

I chuckle to myself and think Patrick Stump, you're one lucky dude!

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