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My Way Home is Through You

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This is it! :) The big finale!

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Hola kiddos! So, i'm officially back from freezing in my nans little farmhouse! It was soo cold! I like fields and her animals though so i can't really complain! Sorry for neglecting you all! There was barely any signal out there! ;) Pweasee forgive me!

[*Gerards POV

The light streams through the silky curtains stinging my lifeless eyes. Yet making Franks face illuminated and pretty as ever as he lies asleep. The morning isn't typical today. Not dreary and grey like it's usual miserable self. No, today is a palette of colours. Beautiful, warming colours. Telling me that today is going to be special, today is significant. And i can't wait to discover wwhat will make today perfection. Although, part of me already knows, the special thing is Frank is with me today. Everyday is a blessing, but something wonderful is in store. Just like i said.

I slide out of bed slowly and as quietly as possible, reluctant to leave the warmth and softness of Frank behind me. I change into yesterday's clothes and walk to my car, locking the front door beforehand. I drive down south into countryside. There's an aura of familiarity to the place. The poppies, the lake, the endless acres covered in gold. I know Frank would love it here, i just know it. And that is when i decided. Here was the place.

[Three Years Later]

We are back here again. The countryside i fell so in love with. I left my home behind for this place. And it's the best decision i ever made. We live in the woods here. So private and secluded, kind of like the fairytale ending little girls dream of but never believe could become a reality. It can become your life, trust me. Before Frankie you would've seen it. The misery, the pain, the unhappy relationship and lifestyle i had got myself into. Sophia wanted me that way, so i changed myself. I made it my goal to please her, it was never enough though. And now i realise it wasn't enough for me either.

We always want someone who'll love us the way we are. We always believe we will never find that. It only happens to the beautiful people, the popular kids at school, the cool kids, the rich families. But that's all a lie. Because if you look at me now you see happiness, you see truth. I don't pretend to enjoy a job i despise anymore. I don't stay in a relationship i don't want with someone i barely even like. I'm actually in a great relationship that i feel blessed to be part of. I feel thrilled to have found something you read about or see in cinemas. And the person i'm with? Well, what can i say to describe it? It's very new, yet everything i could ask for. I love him with everything in me and i can honestly say that without him i wouldn't know where i would be today, or who i would be for that matter. I fell fast and hard. And now, we're married.

We have a crazy little home. We have six dogs due to Franks love of the furry little creatures. We have a boating centre by our lake to make some money. And I finally got there. I'm an artist. Selling my work for alot of money these days, keeping our house and this family in shape. Life could not be more perfect.

I had to fight for what i thought i would never get to see, but he tells me even now. He was always, just a kiss away.
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