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Chapter One

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Skyla Miller was excited for her first 30 Seconds to Mars concert. Soon she gets thrown into helping the band find one of their own.

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Skyla Miller sighed and flopped on her bed. Her dozens of 30 Seconds to Mars posters glared at her from all over her room; after living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, her whole life, it seemed that posters, magazine articles, and their music videos were the closest she'd ever get to seeing 30 Seconds to Mars.

She picked up her phone and called her best friend Jessey Vargas. They shared the same interests and could talk about anything; she wanted to discuss with her the possibility of Jessey's parents talking with her own about attempting to go to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Hello?" Jessey's voice asked on the other end.

"Any luck?" Skyla had already told Jessey to ask, but she was positive her blonde friend had forgotten. Skyla wrote down in her planner: "Talk to Jessey about dying hair different color."

"They aren't back yet. And they aren't going to let two twenty-year-old girls drive from Chattanooga to Charlotte by themselves," she stated.

"You have a point." Skyla sighed and looked at a photograph of Jared Leto. "But what if they say yes?" she blurted out.

"What?" Jessey was unprepared for that. "I doubt that they will, but we'll go!"

"If it's yes?"

"If it's yes."

Skyla groaned. There was no way their parents would say yes.

"Talk to your parents. They know nothing will happen if you try and convince them," Skyla said.

"Are you going to try and talk to yours?" Jessey asked.

What a stupid question. "Of course."

"All right," she said, and the topic quickly changed to something else that Jessey had been annoying Skyla about for weeks.

"Do you think Aaron likes me?" she giggled.

"I don't know. He just broke up with Val, remember?" Skyla said, and rolled over on her bed.

"Yeah. I don't want some guy coming after me because he's on the mend," Jessey said. "All the guys that ask me out only do it to make their ex-girlfriends jealous."

"At least you get asked out; I just get eyeballed by every creep at school," Skyla said. She was always the wallflower at their school dances, even though she was prettier than all of the cheerleaders at their school.

"You'll get asked out, don't worry," Jessey assured her. "You're too pretty to go unnoticed for long."

"Thanks Jessey." No wonder they were friends. "Hey, I got English work to do; text me later, okay?"

"I'll tell you how it went!" Jessey hung up with her usual cheerful disposition.

Skyla yawned and picked up her English textbooks. Her assignment was to write an essay on comparing three of William Shakespeare's works, and she had chosen to write about Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. But after writing a few lines, she decided to read a book instead.

When she was about three chapters into 'Dolphin Girl' by Shel Delisle on her Kindle, she heard her mom pull into the driveway. She was anxious about asking her mom to go to a concert in Charlotte, but her mother was easier to get an answer out of than her father.

Cecelia Miller worked at a local college, and she wanted Jessey, Skyla, and their siblings to attend it; Jessey, with her perfect record, was a shoo-in, while Skyla had been in trouble so much her father had yelled at her once, "Any more trouble and you're eternally grounded!" Skyla did her best since to make him happy, which included not breaking her curfew and doing her best in school.

"Mom, I want to ask you something," Skyla started.

"Sure, what is it darling?" her mom asked.

"There is a 30 Seconds to Mars concert in North Carolina soon... can Jessey and I go?" Skyla asked hopefully.

"Let me talk it over with your father," Cecelia waved Skyla on out, and went to work making dinner.

Skyla went back upstairs to her room. It'd be at least another hour before her dad came home; she wanted to get a little bit of her homework done before then.

She grabbed her laptop and turned it on; as she waited for it to boot up, she got her iPod and started listening to it. When her 30 Seconds to Mars background finally came up, she opened up Mozilla Firefox for her history homework and grabbed her history textbook.

About an hour and a half later, she finished up an essay on Bessie Smith and went downstairs. Her father had come home and was in his study talking to her mother.

Neil Miller worked as a hospital administrator at one of the top hospitals in the state. His son, Jackson, was working his way through medical school at John Hopkins to be able to join his father in the medical business. Neil and Cecelia wanted Skyla to succeed and be in the medical business as well; Skyla didn't think she was cut out for it at all. She wanted to be like her older sister, Madeleine, and become an artist instead.

"Oh, good, Skyla. Come here for a minute," her father said.

Skyla walked over to where her parents were sitting and sat down across from them. She was positive, in all her nineteen, almost twenty years, that her brother and her older sister and her together had never been in this much trouble.

"We decided to let you go to Charlotte by yourself," her father said, "and we're going to talk to Jessey's parent's about her going with you."

Skyla was shocked. North Carolina? Her and Jessey? Alone? It was too good to be true!

"Thank you both so much!" Skyla squealed. She hugged her parents and then ran upstairs to her room to tell Jessey the great news.

"U WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!" she texted, hardly caring for grammar.

"WHAT?!" Jessey messaged back in her usual caps.

"They said YES!" Skyla was beside herself with joy, and was smiling like crazy.

"O M G!!!!!" Jessey replied, and within the next ten minutes she was in Skyla's room in a blur of neons and bright blonde hair.

"Where are the tickets you bought awhile back?" Jessey asked in a hushed voice.

"They're in my bedside table." Skyla and Jessey had created a joint savings account so they can buy two Golden Tickets to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert in North Carolina; the checking account still held fifty dollars and they were planning on putting more in the account to buy another ticket for another show later on in their tour.

"What all does it include again?" Jessey asked; Skyla had been the one to purchase the tickets with the help of Jackson, as she had never been to a concert and he had been to quite a few.

"Everything." Skyla was glowing with excitement. "How much longer until the concert?"

"Two weeks. And it's on a Friday, so we can't even brag until the following Monday," Jessey said mournfully.

Two long, painful weeks. Skyla couldn't bear to think what would — or could — happen in that time.
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