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fanfic, which won't be good. soz

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Comedy/Parody fanfiction about The Midnight Beast..................

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me and amelia wer so excited to see the midnight beast live. we luv them so much.

so we went to sum stadium and wer ryte at the front for it. we got some alcohol and i split it on some mans trousers so he took them off. party on(y)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ye boi

ther were sum fans (fanny lol) behind us, but dey wernt real fans cos they sed tmb's names were stefan, ash and dru but EVRY1 knows its stephan, ash and dru. duhh, silly bitches.

so me and amelia punched them and they died :~)

then that song came on, u kno, the one about lezbians and ever1 was dancing. then stefan did a strip tease and amelia got his knickers, y4y

after the show, me and amelia went to the stage door and met a girl, called vinny. she is our best friend now, yay :~)

turns out vinny is a boy oops lol


so we meet stef, ash and dru behind the stage door and dey fell in love with mine and amelia's beauty

u kno, like in every1s fanfic
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