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Great Memories

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'I can still remember Mikey's drenchful sobs' Sadish one shot. Read, Rate and Review?

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The crisp october air is blowing makeing the amber colored leaves dance around in the air, Sitting up in a tree with Gee watching the sun set is i believe the most wonderful thing ever. The sun is slowly going down; The orange, Red and pink still lingers in the sky before us i smile as it starts to fade away along with the sun night slowly creeping before our very eyes. I cuddling into Gee he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me into him i lay my head in the crook of his neck, A gust of blows making my fringe blow then fall over my eyes Gee moves my fringe and kisses my forehead i smile and pull him into a long passionate kiss. When we pull apart the sky is a jet black with the stars shining bright in the sky "Beautiful isn't it?" I look at Gee his eyes hazel eyes shining i nod "Indeed it is very beautiful" He smiles his knee-melting smile and He kisses me one last time

Its one of the great memories i can remember with Gee he'd still be here if it wasn't for some gang member who shot him while he was walking home Its just how belleview is, You'll be walking home on a peaceful night and BAM! You get shot by some fucked up gang member. I still remember Mikey's drenchful sobs he couldn't believe he died like that the poor kid, Atleast he's settled down with a really nice girl whom is perfect for him; Her name is Lexi Hall she has raven hair with red and purple streaks deep Sapphire blue eyes her she wear ruby lipstick alot, She usally wore either skinnies jeans band tees or dresses. She loves to write and draw she sings and plays the piano. She loves to play video games which is perfect for Mikey considering he will spend the whole day playing video games if you don't force him to stop.

I'm still trying to cope with Gee's death, Its been a few months since but i can't bring myself to move on i still love him and i know he'd want me to move on but i just don't have the strengh. I still have nightmares where i'll be at the scene where Gee died i'll be on the otherside of the street watching through tears as he gets shot, I'm just standing there not able to do anything but watch the murder that nearly destroyed me. After i got the news he died i started to drink horribly and started to cut again it all stopped when Mikey and Ray found me on the bathroom floor one time nearly dead from being drunk and almost killing myself by cutting and letting all my blood drain out, They got there in time after i got out of the hospital they forced me into rehab where i stayed for a few weeks. When i got i was clean and i didn't dare touch any of that stuff again.

I'm dragged out of my thoughts by someone knocking on the door i sigh and go answer it, I'm greeted by Mikey, Lexi and Ray "Hey" I say emotionless i'm practicaly on the verge of tears as my thoughts wonder back to Gee; His beautiful pale face outlined with his raven hair his gorgeous hazel eyes his small pale pink lips, His adorable button-like nose his long slender artisic fingers. I feel tears start to prickle at my eyes i try to hold them back but fail and they come out as a waterfall. I feel arms wrap around me and i cling on for dear life as i sob violently my whole body shaking with each cry "Shh let it all out its alright" I hear Ray coo he's been with me through all of this him and Mikey i don't know why i'd do without them. I calm down after awhile and i'm meeted with three pairs of eyes filled with concern "Are you okay Frank?" Mikey asks i sniffle "I miss him so much" I feel afew more tears fall but are wiped away by Mikey's fingers he has the same long slender fingers but they are slightly rough from His bass guitar. I look down "I can't believe he's gone thought" I mumble i look to find Mikey holding back tears of his own one rolls down his cheek and Lexi wipes it away and holds a sad Mikey. I get lost in my thoughts once again.
I could just end it all tonight, I could sit in the bathroom with the razor and slowly watch the crimson liquid flow from my veins until i die. I could be with Gee and i could finally be held in his arms once again. I can't live another lonely night by myself crying myself to sleep because of all the wonderful pictures of me and Him, Everything reminds me of him i just can't live on without him. I have to do it
I slowly look at Mikey he's sitting there biting his lip from bursting into tears, Lexi is comforting him while Ray it fiddling with his phone "Can i be alone for alittle while guys? Please" They all nod and hug me before they disappear out the door. I slowly get up and walk to get a pen and paper to write the letter to everyone whom has been there for me.

I'm done about an hour later i'm going through my medicine cabnet to find my razor, After i've found it i fill the tub up with water place the letter on the toliet i don't bother taking my clothes off. I step into the tub and slowly slice my wrist i flinch at the pain i haven't felt for months, I watch as the once clear water turns a deep shade of crimson i slice the other wrist before i start to get dizzy from the blood loss i've lost already. I drop the razor and watch it as it slowly disappears to the bottom of the crimson water everything starts to get blurry and everything starts to spin everything starts to fade to black as i'm slowly dying from my horrid life.

I wake up to find myself in a white gown with white converse, I'm met with hazel eyes the ones i missed so much "Frank i've missed you so much" His smooth deep voice cuts into my inner thoughts as it swims around repeating his words i smile as i'm finally with him; My one true love, My soul mate, My angel, My artist, My everything. "I've missed you so much my dear Gee" His smile grows bigger as he lowers his lips to mine; His kiss is so soft and passionate its filled with love and lust. We break free and stare at each other "I love you" He says breaking the gaze to pull me close to him i wrap my arms around him as tears of joy come falling down from my eyes "I love you too" I say as we cuddle up to each other and fall asleep.


I wake up to the sound of birds singing and the sun shining through the curtin, I groan and get up i have a awful feeling that something is terribly wrong. Hating the feeling i quickly get dress and smooth my hair down as i write a small note to Lexi so she won't worry.
I hop in my jeep and go to Frank's this awful feeling won't go away i just know something is horrible, I just do.
I pull into his drive way and jump out leaving the door open, I open the door everything is silent too silent. I dash up the stairs and go to his room "Frank" I say to make sure he isn't sleeping otherwise he'd kill me for waking him up, I get no anwser i open his door to find his room empty. I head to bathroom and look in i see Frank in the tub the water is dark crimson and his lifeless body just sitting in it. A small sob escapes my lips i see a letter on the toilet with shaky hands i open it and read it:

Dear Mikey,
By now you've found me dead i bet your crying, Please don't cry i had to do this i coudn't live another night alone without Gee.
I just couldn't, I know you, Ray and Lexi is going to be crushed by this i'm terribly sorry it had to happen this way.
I love you like you was my own brother and i did Ray too, Lexi was practically a sister to me too.
I'm going to miss the hell out of you all, But remember i may be gone but me and Gee will be watching over you.
Oh and Mikey i want you to have my beloved Pansy and you can take all of Gee's drawings and songs he has wrote.
I love you all i had to do this i couldn't live another day without him.
xo Frank.

By the time i've stopped reading my cheeks are know covered in tears, I slowly get up and take one last look at Frank and a few more tears fall. I step back cluching the letter in my hand and walk to his room i put Pansy in her case and i grab all of Gee's drawings tears are falling freely now as i walk to my jeep. I put everything in the back and go home,
I turn the radio on and a song starts to play that fills the car with music i start my way home to tell everyone the horrible news.
Great memories is the one thing i can almost re-live..

This came to my mind the other day and wouldn't leave, So here it is! REVIEW PLEASE! Tried my best on this.
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