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Well this is it!

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Well this is it guys.

Firstly I want to say that all the auditions I received were very very impressive and I loved all of them! :)
But I had to pick in the end :(
Don't worry if I didn't pick your character because I will slot them into the sequel that will follow.

So. Here is the list.

Killjoy children-

XxxFallenAngelXxx who is Toxic Rose (Ray's girlfriend)

LoveLustAndPixieDust who is Astrid Hart (Gerard's girlfriend)

fatherfuckingmeese who is Tanner Riley

Adult killjoys-

patdfan01 who is Storm Gray

Gerardwayiscute who is Colourful Shadow

Thankyou for all the amazing entries! The first chapter of 'The Birth Of A Killjoy' will be up Saturday night this week!! :D

- Sara xoxo
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