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Not just a song, our song

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He sings it all the time around me. I never knew it was this important, though. ~Ferard Oneshot~

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The thunder rolled loudly through the sky, making me jump. It was raining? I ran to the nearest window and pulled back the curtain.

Another clap of lightening split the sky. Rain pelted the window. Gees gonna be soaked when he gets home.

I made a pot of coffee quickly and turned on the TV to the news. The soft droning of the weatherman made a peaceful background noise.

About two seconds after I poured a cup of coffee, the door opened and Gee came in, shaking his wet hair. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a towel from the kitchen cupboard.

“Don't shake it all around! You'll soak everything!” I went over to him and tossed the towel over his wet hair. He froze as I rubbed the towel around gently.

“Thanks. It started raining outta no where. One second, I was walking down the side walk and the next I was sprinting for the door!” he waved his hands around.

“I know. It's supposed to rain for the next few days, apparently.” I waved my hand at the TV. “Come on. You need a hot shower.” I took his hand. “Shoes off.”

He kicked them off and I pulled him to our bathroom. “Now, why are you making me shower?” he asked as he stripped. I shook my head.

Its a miracle he's still alive. “Because if you stay cold and wet, you'll get sick. And have to go to a doctor. And get a flu sho-” he cupped his hand over my mouth before I could say shot.

“Okay! But.....” he leaned forward, pulling me against him, his wet hair pressing against my cheek. “You're getting in with me.” he whispered in my ear.

Before I could argue, he was pulling my clothes off, humming I don't love you the whole time. I licked his palm and he laughed. “Really? You've licked other places of me. What makes you think licking my hand's gonna make me let go?”

He moved his hand to my chin, turning my head to he side so he could kiss me. When he pulled away, I smiled and tried to turn. His arms held me fast against him. “Now, where the hell did you get that idea?”

The mirrors were fogged over completely. Steam was rising out of the tub. I bit my lip as a hot cloud rolled over us. “Water's hot.” he pulled down my pants and picked me up.

A soft sigh escaped my mouth as the warm water washed over my feet. Gee got in, closing the curtain around us.

The second we were closed off from the world, his arms were around me. My arms were around his neck, fingers tangling and twisting in his hair.

I leaned forward and nipped at his collarbone. A small whimper echoed up from his throat. “You're so cute, Gee.” I whispered, raising up to my tip toes to bite his neck.

“Screw the shower.” he dropped the plug and pulled me to the tub floor. “Let's take a bath.” I heard the pervy smile in his voice.

“Bath?” the memory of our last bath ran through my head. Fire claimed my cheeks as I remembered when he took my little Vcard. “Kay.” I smiled at him, biting his bottom lip.

Thunder broke the peaceful silence that filled the bathroom. I jumped in his arms slightly, making him laugh. “Come here.” he leaned against the side of the giant tub.

I climbed over him, my small frame floating in the water slightly. He kissed my forehead and put his arms around me.

The water soothed my nerves slightly. His fingers rubbed small circles all along my spine and shoulders. I rested against him, our bodies slightly cooler where the water wasn't touching us. It was an odd sensation.

I felt his chest vibrate slightly as he hummed. “Why is it that's the only song you sing when you're with me?” I asked, my lips brushing against his chest.

He chuckled under me. “Its our song. Duh. Did you think I wrote it about Ray?” I splashed a little bit of water in his face. “Hey!” his nailes clawed into my skin slightly.

I smiled at him and stuck my tongue out. “There.” he removed his nails. “We're even.” his fingers went back to their random circles.

So he wrote I don't love you for me? Well. I never knew that.

It made me feel stupid now, of course. I mean, we'd been singing it for years now, and not once have I thought it was for me. Or about us, now that I think of it.

I'd always kinda thought it was more of a break up song. But, I guess it could be a relationship song. In a really weird way.

But, then again, it was written by a really weird Way. I laughed at my silent joke. “What?” he asked. I shook my head. “Come on!”

“Nothing. Just thinking stupid things.” I said the first thing I thought of. He laughed.

“Well, you never laugh at your stupid thoughts out loud. I think. That, or my boyfriend's crazy as fuck.” he hugged me closer, the water swishing around us.

“Crazy?” I scoffed. “I am not crazy!” his words ran through my head again. “And I have some smart thoughts. At times. When I want to....” I trailed off at the look on his face.

“Nope. You're crazy. I can feel it in my bones.” he smiled down at me playfully.

“More like you feel it in your boner.” I muttered.

“I don't have a boner at the moment.” he stated. I laughed and bit his chest.

“At the moment being the key part of that sentence.” I murmured, pulling myself up to bite his neck.

He moaned quietly. The steam kept rolling off the water and our bodies. I wonder if this can set the fire alarms off?

Oh well. If it does, the firemen are gonna get one hell of a show.

I really, REALLY have no idea where this came from. I just write when it rains, and, the computer was open. So..................... R+R I guess.

Hugs and Ferns,


PS – for those of you who don't know, I have a choir concert coming up!!! Really excited but with the extra rehearsal we're doing and the fact that I still have to have my concert dress brought in, I probably won't be able to get much up. :/ I know, I know, but don't tie me up and shoot me just yet.
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