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A devils general pg.2

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Aegis has his doubts about lord lucifer.

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Lucifer nodded at aegis.
"Good, it seems your reason hasn't entirely left you."
Lucifer dismissed aegis to his chambers, lucifer needed to think.
"What shall I do, what shall I do... Absolix..has god created a new golden age for humans?"
Lucifer grabbed a table and threw it at the wall, shattering it into splinters.
"No.. This was supposed to be MY TIME TO RULE, I can't let it be delayed anymore, I REFUSE to wait another thousand years to claim what I'm entitled!"
Lucifer paced back and forth, thinking of how he could claim what's his, and heard a echoing in his head.
'Lucifer.. Old friend. Its true, I originally did set the humans planet to be yours. But that time has passed, you became too greedy. You are like the runt of a pigs family, trying to take what is not there for you. More then you are entitled'
Gods deep voice boomed in lucifers head.
"Fool, You have no idea what's coming."
God simply leaned back in his throne in the heavenly realm, and withdrew from lucifers mind.
"Oh but indeed I do.. Indeed I do.."
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