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I need your opinions! I have a new story idea but I don't know if I should do it!

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Hey friends, it's me, Jay, again!! I need your help. I have a good story idea but I'm not sure whether I should do it or not. Basically is Alice in Wonderland in the style of MCR. I was watching the new movie and was like 'whoa his (mad hatter) is like the colour of Gerards!!' and so that's how this came along. Characters are as follows.

Gerard: Mad Hatter
Frank: White Rabbit
Mikey: the Hare

This story has a twist though. It's a little known fact but supposedly, Alice and the Hatter had some sort of romantic relationship. And so this story will act on that. However, I'm not sure whether I want Alice to leave Wonderland or not. Perhaps she leaves and finds the Hatter as a man in our world? Perhaps she stays in Wondeland and make a life for herself. I'm kinda swinging towards the first option. I think maybe MCR exists in the real world and Alice sees Gerard as the singer and is like 'it's the Hatter in the real world!' and he recognizes her and they fall in love again and stuff. Another thing, the White Rabbit and the Hare used to be human and were cursed into rabbit form and Alice goes and removes the curse and they transform into Frank and Mikey. (Frank will still have the waistcoat and clock and I was thinking I'd give Mikey some really tattered clothes to make it seem like he's a bit of a bogan/ crazy person). I'm not sure as it's all a work in progress so please review and let me know if you'd read something like this. And could you also tell me which plot line you like?

1: Alice leaves Wonderland and finds the Hatter (Gerard) in the real world
2: Alice stays in Wonderland and gets together with the Hatter.

Thanks! I love you all and I hope you like the story!

P.S. Could you also tell me who Ray and Bob should be? I've got no clue. Thanks.
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