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Tempted By The Fruit Of Another

by NirvanaCobain 1 review

28 year old Robert Plant meets 18 year old College exchange student Janie Tyler at a show his life changes for the better and the worst. How do you manage a world famous band and a young lover?

Category: Metallica - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Romance - Published: 2011-11-20 - Updated: 2011-11-21 - 192 words

I woke up before the sun came up to the sounds of Jimmy's guitar, "Wake up you bloody sons o' bitches!" He screamed at the top of his lungs while kicking me in my side. We had crashed at Jimmy's house and I had slept on the floor. I sat up and flung a pillow at him, "Shut up!" I whined, "Gimme ten more minutes." "We don't have ten more minutes we have to be in London in an hour. The drive from Barnes to London alone is a half hour, we haven't any time to waste. I passed out drunk last night and still woke up before you bums!" Jimmy said snatching the blankets off of everyone including me. "Well Jimmy your system is already fried so getting drunk, passing out and waking up the next morning without a hangover much less a slight sensitivity to light is as natural now as taking a shit." I said rubbing my eyes. "Thanks, Rob." He boasted and continued playing his guitar. I got up and padded to the loo to get ready, "Another day another show." I sighed and turned on the shower.
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