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Help Wanted... Again

by MCRmySoldier6 5 reviews

I need some input on a story.

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Alrighty, so, I suck right? But I have two chapters almost done for Death Or Victory, and This Is How We Like To Do It On The Murder Scene. So on, with the description!! Aven (my friend who asked me to write her a story) is a 16 year old girl, but not just any girl a hit-girl. She kills people for money. Mr. Alorne, the leader of the business, killed her family, and only spared her because she was willing to do the job others wouldn't. Now, she owes Mr. Alorne over a thousand dollars, and the only way to get the money, is kill 5 men, who go by My Chemical Romance. She gets the tickets, She poised to kill, but something inside of her changes. Something that can endanger all 6 of them.

That doesn't sound too bad right? Should I hold auditions?
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