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Chapter Three

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“How long have you been up?” Mikey asked with a yawn as he stumbled over to the coffee machine. I shifted my place at the table, bringing my third mug of coffee to my lips.

“Since five-thirty this morning. Been sat here since six,” I said, as if it was completely natural for a teenage boy to be up that early on a school day.

“Why?” he asked, moaning into his cup of coffee; instantly more awake as the hot beverage was consumed.

“Science first period. Couldn’t sleep,” I muttered, squirming in my seat. Mikey noticed that I was uncomfortable and didn’t push the subject.

What felt like hours later, Mikey and I were on our way to school. “Gerard! Slow the fuck down! There’s no fucking reason to fucking break the fucking speed limit!” Mikey said holding onto the seat for dear life.

“I think you missed a fuck,” I smirked, but slowing the car down all the same.

“I know you’re anxious to see that precious teacher of yours, but it would be better to get there late and safe than never and dead,” he said, ignoring my last comment. The rest of the car drive was silent, except from the odd dig at my driving skills from my brother. I quickly parked the car and jumped out, instantly locking the door. “GERARD!” Mikey said from inside the car, pounding on the window. I turned back to car to see that I had successfully locked my brother in the car. I suppressed a giggle as I unlocked the door and Mikey gave me an exasperated look. I only smiled innocently before darting into the school.

Homeroom passed too way too slow. The bullies finally gave up on me, seeing that I wasn’t reacting to their torments. As soon as the bell rang I was off; racing through the quick filling hallways to my science room. I walked through the door, slightly panting from the running, and slid into my seat. “Morning Mr. way, early I see?” Frank said, peering at me over the top of his comic book.

“It’s Gerard… you like comic books?”

“Uhuh, I’m kind of obsessed” he said with a blush.

“Me too, which is your favourite?” and with that, a debate on which comic book characters are better was formed. We spoke until the classroom filled with bustling teenagers; hardly noticing though, as we were lost in our own place where superheros were real. As much as I hated to admit it, but I, Gerard Arthur Way am in love with my teacher; Frank Iero.

The lesson past way too quick and I made sure to pack up my things slowly. I looked up and smiled; I was the only one in the room, except Frank. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and started taking small steps towards the door. “What are you doing?” Frank asked with an amused grin, looking up from the book on his neat desk.

“I…um i-erm… counting the steps from my seat to the door?” my face flushed crimson, contrasting against my milky skin.

“Your cute when you blush” he hummed, looking back down at his book. My blush darkened and I cracked a small smile before I scampered out of the door and down the corridor; already late for my next class.

When I sat down for lunch, my brother was already asking me more questions about Frank. “He likes comic books” I mumbled, poking the plate of inedible food in front of me...

“No way!” Mikey squealed like a teenager, eyes wide. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’m the only gay one in the family.

“Yes way!” I mimicked his voice with an eye roll, earning a weak punch to the shoulder. I continued to fill Mikey in about Frank until said man walked into the cafeteria. I quickly grabbed Mikey’s shoulders and hid behind him, pointing to Frank with a trembling finger, “there he is!” I squeaked. I could practically feel the smirk on his face as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Mr. Iero!” Mikey shouted, motioning for him to come over. Frank complied, slowly walking over to us, coke in hand.

“What are you-“

“Mr. Iero, I was wondering if you could tutor me? We have that big test coming up and I was wondering if I could get some extra help?” I stared wide eyed at Mikey. Did he just ask frank to tutor him? He’s a straight A student for fuck sake!

“Hm, sure,”

“Great, my place at five? Thank you so much for this!” he squealed. Did he just do what I thought he did? Did he just ask Frank motherfucking Iero to our house?!

“Okay, ill talk to you in the lesson about it… bye Mikey…Gerard” he peeked round Mikey and smiled at me before leaving the cafeteria.

“MIKEY WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO?!” I looked at him, completely lost for words. How could he do this to me?

“I asked Frank over to tutor me before I fail my science test,” he smirked.

“Dork,” Bob retorted before changing the subject.


Franks coming over in an hour. Frank Iero will be in my house in an hour! I turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around my waist, running a hand through my dripping hair. I smudged black eyeliner around my eyes and stared at my reflection in the steamed up mirror. Not too bad, way, not too bad at all. I stalked back into my room get ready, only to realise Mikey used my hair straightener this morning. A low growl escaped my throat; he was doing this on purpose! He wanted me to not be ready by the time Frank got here. I walked out of my bedroom and upstairs, creating small puddles of water in my wake. “MIKES! GIVE ME BACK MY HAIR STRAIGHTEN- oh fuck,”

“Sorry gee, I forgot to tell you he was coming an hour early, didn’t I?” he said innocently.


A very not-so-innocent mikey again! R&R please!:D
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