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Chapter 84: I’m weird ‘cause I hate goodbyes

The day that Gia was leaving was, oh so ironically, a cloudy one. The weather reflected their moods perfectly. Gia had packed all her things early, so there was nothing else to do than say goodbye.

They were standing around outside on the porch, and Gia was surrounded by her dad, stepmom and uncles. Her mom was standing by the car, waiting for her to finish saying goodbye. Unfortunately, it seemed like she’d never be able to leave.

“Frank, please let go,” Gia sighed, looking down at the man who was sitting on the floor, arms wrapped around her leg.

“No,” the guitarist said stubbornly, and only tightened his grip.

“Jamia?” Gia pleaded to the woman to do something. She couldn’t feel her legs anymore.

“Okay Frank, let’s go take a nap,” Jamia said, gently prying the man off from Gia.

“It’s not nap time yet,” Frank complained. “And I need to be here, Jamia! If I’m not here, she might leave.”

“I am leaving,” Gia said.

“See! It’s a disaster!”

Gia however already had other worries. “Okay, who took my luggage?!” She looked at everyone in the room, and finally narrowed her eyes suspiciously at her uncle Mikey, who was whistling and standing around, looking a bit too nonchalant.



“Where did you put my luggage?”

The man pretended to not know what she was talking about. “What? Your luggage? I haven’t seen your luggage. But hey, since it’s missing, I guess all you can do is stay here.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Mikey,” he said with a warning tone.

“How can you let her do this?” Mikey asked his brother.

“Because I have to be supportive, no matter how crazy it is. Now bring back the luggage.”

Frank sobbed, his grip getting tighter and tighter. “It’s like you’re trying to get rid of her!”

“Frank please, I can’t feel my legs,” Gia pleaded.

Jamia finally managed to get the man to let go by distracting him with a box of Skittles. Gia sighed in relief.

“I guess I should go now,” Gia said, trying to hurry before Frank finished his candy.

“I can’t believe you’re going,” Gerard said. He looked sad. “I’m really going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

“If there’s ever an emergency, call me okay? Like if you just want to hear daddy’s voice.”

Gia rolled her eyes. “Sure, I promise I’ll call.”

“We’ll come see you in a week to see how you’ve settled in. And remember, you can always come back if you don’t like it there.”

“Thanks,” Gia nodded. She was of course sad to leave all her family, but also excited because she’d get to know a new family member. “Well, I guess I should get going then.” She had said goodbye to everyone she wanted needed to. However, there was one person she wished she could’ve seen before leaving, but that was impossible.

The guys started to load the returned luggage into the car (although Jamia did have to yell at Frank when he tried to smuggle one of the bags behind the fence to buy some time). Gia hugged everyone for one last time before letting her dog, Jersey into the backseat of the car and opening the door for herself. Stella was already sitting in the driver’s seat, and everything was ready. Still, Gia felt hesitant to go into the car.

All of them turned to look when they heard running footsteps come closer, and someone yelling. Gia immediately recognized the voice, and although she was happy to see him approaching, she was still confused.

“What are you doing here?” Gia asked the boy when he reached them. He was panting heavily, as if he had run all the way there.

“I had to see you,” Lucas explained, gasping for air.

“Alright, let’s give them some space,” Lindsey said, ushering everyone away from the car (Gerard proved to be a real challenge, as he still didn’t trust the boy, especially not now that he made his daughter cry). Stella left the car as well, moving to the porch with the others to let the kids speak in private.

“I did some thinking,” Lucas admitted.

“You? Thinking?”

“I know, my brain still hurts. But I couldn’t let you leave without saying I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I understand. I’m glad you came, I wanted to say goodbye to you but –“

“No,” he immediately interrupted. “Don’t say goodbye. You know why? Because you’re coming back.”

“Lucas, I don’t think you understand the concept of moving,” Gia said, leaning against the car, figuring that this will be a long discussion. She was very aware of the dozen eye pairs, staring at them from the front of the house.

“This isn’t over. It can’t be. So, some day you’re going to come back, and I’ll be here, and we’ll be together again. I refuse to say goodbye.”

Gia smiled to him gently. If he didn’t want to say goodbye, then she wouldn’t force him to. “Okay,” she said. “Then I guess… I’ll see you?”

“You won’t be getting rid of me,” he grinned.

“I’m counting on it.”

“So are we cool?”

“We’re cool,” Gia said. She wasn’t sure if being cool meant that they just weren’t fighting anymore, or that they were back together, but her thoughts were interrupted when Lucas blurted out something shocking.

“Gia, I know we haven’t been together for a very long time, but we’ve been through a lot. I think I love you.”

Gia didn’t know what to say. Out of all the things he could’ve said, that was the last thing on her list. Actually, it was nowhere near the list.

“You don’t have to say it back, I just thought I’d mention it. You know, to throw it out there,” he mumbled. “And I know the timing is horrible but –“

“I love you too,” Gia said. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I do. I mean I’ve never thought of it but…” She had never considered the possibility that her feelings for him may be that strong, but now it made sense. Love, that’s what it was.

Lucas looked relieved, and said: “Oh, thank god,” he laughed, and then stepped closer. Gia didn’t have time to think before he had already pinned her against the side of the car and kissed her.

On the front of the house, Gerard acted on instinct. And his first instinct was to bash the boy’s head against the pavement and then stomp on it so hard that his skull cracks and his tiny brains spill out. But before he could act on it, Lindsey pulled him back.

“You interrupt that and I will personally make sure you can never have kids again, got it?” Lindsey hissed.

“You’re scaring me,” Gerard said, and Lindsey freed him from her wrath, but kept close to him in case he tries to run. Still, Gerard kept glancing at his daughter and the teenage boy that was mouth-raping her. “You two can come up for air anytime, you know!” he called out at them, but they didn’t even hear.

“I’m gonna miss doing that,” Gia said when they broke the kiss.

“Me too,” he said, giving her a cheeky smile. “So… How about a quickie before you leave?”

The smile faded off from her face faster than you can say ‘what a jerk’. “You’re an idiot,” Gia announced.

“Oh come on, I was just kidding!”

“You totally ruined it, you insensitive jerk.”

“Gia? Shut up,” he laughed, but before he could kiss her again, he suddenly felt a very strong grip of someone’s hand on his shoulder. It was so painful that Lucas winced.

“Gerard I told you not to do anything!” Lindsey said, looking pissed off.

Completely ignoring his wife, Gerard slightly pulled the boy back away from his daughter. He didn’t look angry, at least not to anyone who didn’t know him. But the smile on his face was clearly forced, and there was no way Gia could miss the gigantic angry Hulk-aura he had.

“I think that’s enough, don’t you?” Gerard said in a very calm voice, and Lucas could’ve sworn his shoulder cracked when the grip got tighter.

“Yes sir,” Lucas agreed, and when the death-grip loosened, he walked a little further away, just so the scary man couldn’t do anything worse.

“Oh and by the way, Stella, I think we need to figure out like a system on how you keep me updated,” Gerard said, concentrating on other things now that his daughter was no longer being devoured by the hormonal love-machine.

Gia made sure that her dad was occupied elsewhere before going over to Lucas.

“I’ll come back to visit,” she said to him with a quiet voice.

“I’d murder you if you didn’t.”

Then, Gia thought of something. “Lucas… My mom has little kids. And she was a bit hesitant about me bringing Jersey because of them… I mean, Jersey did get your wild side genes, so… Would you mind taking care of him for a little while?”

Lucas immediately said yes. “Of course. I’m his daddy, aren’t I?”

“Good,” Gia smiled. Quickly, so her dad won’t see, Gia gave Lucas a quick peck on the lips.

“Gia? Are you ready?” Stella asked, opening the driver’s seat door again to go in.

“Yeah,” Gia said. “I’m ready.” She had gotten to see Lucas, which made her more confident about leaving. She let Jersey out of the car and gave Lucas the leash. Jersey was her baby, but this way Lucas would have someone to keep him company.

Gia hugged her dad quickly one more time before getting in the car. She looked at her family through the windshield of the car, and answered to the sad smile from her dad. He looked like it had just sunk in that she was leaving.

“Are we good to go? No final goodbyes?”

Gia shook her head. “No, I’m ready to go,” she assured, and her mom started the car.

Before the car pulled out of the driveway, Gia heard Frank shout to her. “Gia! Get back in here and love me!” the short guitarist screamed, but was quickly made to shut up by Jamia.

Gerard felt a lump in his throat as he watched the car drive away. They stood there completely still for a while until the car disappeared from view. The mood was as if they were at a funeral, like she hadn’t just moved, but passed away.

Then, the silence was broken by Frank’s words: “So… Who’s up for some pizza?”

All eyes turned to the guitarist, who had no idea why they were staring at him. “What? I’m hungry!”

“Come on honey, let’s go home. It’s clearly nap time,” Jamia sighed, and guided him to their car.

Slowly everyone else started to disappear around Gerard, and soon he was the last one to stand there on the lawn, staring at the spot where his daughter had disappeared.

He knew it wasn’t a final goodbye, but he did realize that things wouldn’t be the same from now on. There was a piece of him missing, and despite knowing that he had a loving wife and a daughter waiting for him inside the house, he had never felt more alone.


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