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No Sex in Your Violence

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A monster too strong,and suspicions arise.

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I kept working.

His hand crept up dangerously close to my crotch.

I felt a shiver go through my spine.

Gerard took that as his cue, he unzipped my jeans. The croak of the zipper echoed of the walls. His lips touched the tip of my head, his tongue protruding and flicking around. I moaned and bucked my hips, involuntarily trying to get more of myself into him.

The chain snapped under pressure of the cutters and Gerard fell the few inches to the bed. I looked at him- covered in little cuts and burns. All fresh angry shades of pink. I licked my lips scaling down his body so I pinned him to the bed with my weight.

"Frank, I don't want to fuck. " Gerard's expression was weary. "stop"

I kissed down his neck letting my teeth trail down his stomach.

I felt his hands pushing at my chest as I slammed my mouth into his, prying his lips open with my tongue and exploring his mouth. My hands roamed over his naked body, groping his length. I came up for air glimpsing Gerard's face littered with tears, anger and humility flushed in his red cheeks.

I didn't care.

I love to make boys cry, its what I do.

I reached down inserting one finger, then two into Gerard's pre-lubricated hole.

He made little gasps.

"Please stop, Frank" he croaked out.

But I wasn't listening.

I held both arms above his head, ignoring the wet taste of snot and tears as I merged my lips with his.

I slipped my self inside him moaning as he screamed.

Boyscream mmmhhhh, oh, how I missed that sound.

Gerard tightened, cringing away from me. I brought my hand down onto him hard enough that the clap of skin against skin momentarily quieted us both. He stopped fighting then. I was back again my hunger, untamed, my nails digging into the soft flesh of his shoulders. He clawed at my chest, screaming and sobbing. I continued to pump into him. Releasing my load and riding out the orgasm, I collapsed on the bed next to Gee.

He lay completely still. Staring at the ceiling. Eyes red swollen from tears. I leaned over him.


"You hurt me" He whispered.

I surveyed his fragile body. Bruises were darkening and blood stained his pale skin in places. Cigarette burns littered his chest. My eyes wondered to Gerard's raw and bloody bud which was oozing my semen.

Oh god

I got up. "Gee, I didn't mean-"

"Just go," I barely heard him. "Just fucking go you, you stupid fucking …CAD"

He yelled this time. I'd been called so much worse. But it never hurt this much.

Why the fuck did I even care. Who was this boy who had so much control over me?

I emptied the contents of my wallet out on the table.

When I started the car I realized I'd forgotten the bolt cutters.

Fuck it

I could always get new ones.


I lay curled on my side. EVERYTHING hurt. like all of my nerves were on fire.

I picked myself up from the bed and dragged myself to the shower,wincing as the steamy water scraped at the burns on my chest. I remembered how Franks tongue had traced every little bruise burn and cut on my chest, but it wasn't sweet it was



I nearly killed myself tripping over the bolt cutters as I pulled myself into my black skinny jeans. Fully aware of the throbbing ache in my ass. I picked up the cutters, their blade relatively bent.

Fuck him! I thought Why did he have to be so wonderful and then turn into a... a monster. How could he hurt me like that?I raised my hand to chuck the bolt cutters at the wall when something caught my attention: Was that blood on the gears, staining parts of the plastic handle, caked on the uninjured metal of the blades?

My blood? No.

Franks blood? No.

Something didn't compute.

Maybe its just rust.

Nothing seemed to make sense anymore

I just know one thing about Frank now.

I (hate) him.

Okay Chicas I know where I'm going with this shit.
[*So the next chap will be in Mikey's Pov! I want you guys to have a blind vote!

[*OC or Gerard's Dad? Just pick one. (I'm leaning towards Oc but OC's in fics usually annoy the fuck out of me)

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