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Fruits basket dare show

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The ratings just to be safe and btw the title says all send in dares k

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Published: 2011-11-24 - Updated: 2011-11-24 - 154 words

I do not own fruits basket or any characters

Hey send in dares for me and the cast of fruits basket characters(most of them not all of them)u can pick any dares oh and you can send in questions also oh and when I say u can dare me to do stuff I mean as in something to do with fruits basket k and if you kill off any of the characters I can revive them okay so send in dares and/or questions for the character they will do anything u want so yeah oh and in this there are no official pairings so do whatever dares for any character and u can put a few I will pick two or three reviews for every show if I get any so please review your comment might be reviewed okay so bye everyone say bye fruits basket cast.

Fruits basket cast : bye.
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