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Love and Trust

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Smut. Smut. Pages of the stuff. Give you all that you could read and it'll never be enough...

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AN: I've never written smut before. If you don't like it, I'll never do it again.

They stayed that way for a while, making out in Gerard's car while the heat blew around them. Frank couldn't imagine a better way to spend the day.

Frank wriggled over the console and ended up in Gerard's lap, never breaking contact with Gee the whole time. Gerard groaned, and Frank grinned against his mouth.

His grin slid off his face when Gerard gasped.

"You should get off me!" said Gerard in a rush. His eyes were wide.

"Why?" Frank demanded. He was quite reluctant to leave his place on the man's lap.

"Because," Gerard said, biting his lip. He seemed to be in extreme pain. "I..."

Frank felt something stirring against his inner-thigh and understood. Quickly, he clambered off Gerard and sat in the passenger's seat. "Sorry," he said, blushing furiously.

"It's fine," Gerard mumbled, also red in the face. "Do you, uh, wanna go back to my place? Not like that!" he added hastily.

Frank's grin returned. He nodded eagerly.

Gerard put the Subaru into drive and steered the car toward his apartment.

The trip was spent in complete silence, during which Frank chanted in his head: 'I gave Gerard an erection! I gave Gerard an erection! He actually wants me!' 

When they finally parked up the street from Gee's apartment, Frank was still grinning. He jumped when the door opened and looked up to see Gerard himself smiling nervously down at him.

"You opened my door," said Frank blankly.

Looking confused, Gerard nodded. "Yeah, uh, was I not supposed to...?"

Frank smiled hugely. "There's only been one other person to do that for me," he said happily. He leaped out of the car and threw his arms around Gerard's middle, breathing in the scent of coffee and art supplies. "Thank you!"

Gerard blinked down at him, and Frank could see that he was still nonplussed. "You're welcome?"

When Frank let go of Gee they climbed the stairs up to his apartment, chatting about how life had been.

("God awful," said Gerard, and Frank agreed.) 

Frank saw one old woman poke her head out the door, take one look at him, and slam the door shut. Trying not to feel hurt, he leaned closer to Gerard.

Gerard had noticed and squeezed Frank's shoulder comfortingly. "That's just Mrs. Grenn. She likes to poke her abnormally-large nose into other peoples business."

Still stinging, Frank nodded and wrapped his arm around Gee's waist.

"You know," said Gerard. "It occurrs to me that you know my last name, but I don't know yours."

"Iero. Frank Iero. Nothing special," said Frank with a shrug. Gerard ruffled his hair with a snort.

They reached the apartment and found it unlocked, much to Gerard's displeasure.

"Damn it," he growled, and Frank had to bite back a giggle. "If someone stole my coffee machine again, I'm gonna be pissed!"

He broke off when he noticed Frank staring at him. "What?"

Frank paused, thought it over, and kissed him. His long fingers reached up and buried themselves in Gee's wild hair (which was indeed as dangerous as it looked) while their bodies pressed up against eachother. Before long they were once again caught in a sloppy make-out session.

Gerard lifted Frank up and Frank wrapped his legs around the older man's waist. Somehow Gee managed to shut the door with his foot as they flailed into the kitchen; a tangle of arms, legs, and black hair. Gerard sat Frank down on the counter, where the kissing continued.

Frank ran the tip of his tongue over Gee's lower lip. With a soft moan that sent shivers up Frank's spine, he opened his mouth and slid his tongue slowly against Frank's.

'Oh my God,' Frank thought. 'I am in heaven.'

Gerard cautiously started to move his hand into Frank's shirt. When Frank didn't stop him, he rubbed it against Frank's belly and splayed his fingers across his chest. Frank moaned against Gee's mouth as his long fingers traced patterns into his skin.

Much too soon, Gerard removed his hand. Frank groaned in frustration, followed by a tiny whimper of protest when Gee broke the kiss. A thin line of saliva connected their mouths.

"Frank," he asked, panting hard. "How... how f-far are we going?"

Frank lifted his left hand from Gerard's hair and placed it on his cheek, rubbing his thumb below Gee's eye.

"I don't know," he said truthfully. "You know I'd like to take things slow with you, Gee, but..." his voice broke. "I feel like I've waited for you forever."

Gerard looked up at him, his hazel eyes shining. "I know exactly what  you mean, Frankie." He leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on Frank's lips. There wasn't any lust in it, just love that had been building since that rainy Saturday in April.

Frank sighed against Gee's lips. Gerard picked him up and carried him through the bedroom door, walking backwards. Suddenly, there was a sensation of falling as the backs of Gerard's knees hit the edge of the bed. Gerard collapsed, taking Frank down with him.

A blush crept into Frank's cheeks. They were in Gee's bedroom, kissing and talking about sex. Hardly daring to believe it, Frank rolled off of him. A hand reached up and held his hand. Frank turned his head to see Gee's hazel eyes blazing into his.

"Where do you think you're going?" Gerard asked, his voice thick.

Frank's gaze searched his face for any signs of hesitation. "Do you really mean it?" he asked.

Gerard nodded. Frank's stomach fluttered.

"Well then I guess I'm not going anywhere," Frank whispered. He wriggled closer to Gerard and soon they were back to kissing. Frank made a mental note to look for chapstick. 

Gerard's hands were back in his shirt, and this time the tee was pulled up and over his head. Frank heard Gee gasp and remembered the bruises he'd gotten from 'working' so hard.
He looked away, ashamed.

Gerard's voice came from somewhere near his ribs. "Do they hurt?" he asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

Frank felt the corners of his eyes pricking. "No, not much."

A sudden, peculiar sensation bloomed on his stomach. Frank looked down to see Gerard kissing each bruise gently, working his way up to Frank's chest. Every time Gee's nose brushed against the skin of his stomach and those soft lips touched his bruises, Frank felt his heart jump.

"Better?" Gerard asked, pulling himself up and cupping Frank's chin with a gentle hand.

Frank, whose tears were fully developed, nodded. Gerard placed a soft kiss on his lips. 

Frank tugged at the edges of Gee's gray sweater, and Gerard sat up to let Frank pull it and his undershirt off. Gerard's stomach was pale and unmarked, with only a small scar near the naval to disrupt it's smoothness. Without being completely aware of it, Frank traced little spirals on Gee's belly. He was stopped when Gerard pushed him gently down into the comforter and climbed on top of him, balancing his weight on his elbows.

They kissed, long and slow, before Frank started fiddling with the button of Gerard's jeans. Gerard glanced down and back up at Frank's face.

"Are you sure?" 

Frank nodded. "I'm sure," he said before popping the button loose. He then rolled himself and Gee over so that he was straddling the older man. Slowly and with extreme caution, Frank pulled the zipper down.

Gerard wiggled out of his pants and hesitated, unsure. Frank took his hand and guided it to his belt. After unlooping it, Gerard placed a quick kiss on Frank's chest before snapping the button open and pulling down the zipper. Frank took a bit longer to get out of his black skinny jeans, but when he did, Gerard was mesmerized.

Frank felt a surge of anticipation. Here he was, in his underwear, and there was Gerard, also in his underwear. 'I can't believe it,' he thought. 'I'm going to have sex, and for once it's actually going to mean something.'

Frank and Gerard lay on their sides, just taking a moment to let it sink in. Then Frank remembered something.


Gerard blinked and looked at him. "Yeah, Frankie?"

Frank blushed. "Do you have a condom?"

Gerard's face turned red, but he nodded. "Just hang on," he said, getting up and going to his dresser. Frank took a moment to enjoy the view.

After a minute Gerard crawled back onto the bed, a condom and a bottle of lube in one hand. Frank could see that he was feeling a bit awkward, so he decided to help him out.

Frank leaned forward and kissed him. Once he had Gee kissing him back, he lay back and let Gerard straddle him. He could feel their hard cocks grinding together through the fabric of their boxers, and heat pooled in his stomach.

Gerard cast a questioning glance at Frank, and when Frank nodded, slowly pulled the blue cotton boxers off of him. Frank shivered as Gerard stared at his fully erect member. Unable to wait much longer, Frank got Gee to lift himself up so he could take off Gee's boxer-briefs.

Gerard's erection poked out at him from a nest of curly brown hair. Once Gee was straddling him again, Frank had to fight the urge to come right there. Their naked members rubbed against each other, each one painfully stiff. Gerard ripped open the condom and rolled it on, sweating. As Frank watched, he coated his fingers in lube and positioned his index at Frank's opening.

There was a brief glance between the couple. After seeing the want in Frank's eyes, he slowly slid his finger into the younger man.

Frank inhaled sharply. It wasn't from pain, God no, but the mere thought of Gee's finger inside him almost made him blow his load. The same thing happened when Gerard inserted a second finger and scissored them.

Gerard glanced up at Frank's gasp. Frank bent forward for a kiss, and Gerard met him with enthusiasm. A third finger was added, and this time Frank let out a tiny hiss of pain. 

When Gerard tried to apologize, Frank cut him off. 

"For God's sake, Gerard," he panted. "I'm ready."

Gerard smiled softly. He took his fingers out (Frank stopped himself from groaning in frustration) and coated his member in a thin layer of lube. When he positioned himself, he kissed Frank. The kiss was incredibly sloppy, both of them panting hard.


"Yeah, Gerard?"

Gerard rubbed his thumb along Frank's collar bone. "Love you," he said softly.

Frank felt tears beginning to form again. "I love you too, Gee," he said, completely honest.

Gerard very slowly pushed himself into his lover, moaning when Frank's heat surrounded him.

Frank winced slightly as he was stretched, but the pain quickly faded and was replaced by pleasure. 

"Frank," Gerard panted. "God, baby, so tight!"

The younger man was struggling to keep himself from coming, but it was getting difficult. Gerard's moans were so breathy and low that Frank was beginning to think that he'd explode.

Gerard pulled himself out almost all the way before pushing himself back in. Frank gasped and moaned, unable to stop himself.

"Oh, God, Gee! Yes!"

Gerard picked up speed, Frank helping him by rocking against him. His hands were looped around the older man's neck. Both were dangerously close to falling over the edge. 

Frank was now digging his nails into Gerard's back, chanting his name and gasping between thrusts. Gerard was rapidly approaching his climax.

"Frank!" he panted. "So hot, baby, so god damn tight!"

And suddenly Gerard let go inside him, spilling his seed into the condom and riding out the orgasm. The look of pure bliss on Gee's face was enough to send Frank over the edge. Jets of pearly substance splashed onto their stomachs as Gerard's speed slowed. 

They slowly came down from their orgasms, each one so far up that it seemed like a dream. Gerard pulled himself out of Frank with a sigh and discarded the condom into the garbage can under his bedside table. Frank couldn't help but notice how beautiful he was, his long body glistening in the burning sunset light that poured in from a window. 

Frank crawled over to him and curled up next to his lover. He buried his face into Gee's neck, spent. Gerard stroked his hair and whispered 'I love you's, and Frank would always say: "I love you too."


Gerard woke at 11:45pm, feeling sticky and hot. He looked beside him to see Frank staring at the ceiling with a fixed expression and tears shining in the corners of his eyes.

Gee wiped a tear away from his lover's eye with a gentle brush of his thumb. "What are you thinking about ?" he asked quietly.

Frank hesitated. "I was thinking about how much I wished I was a virgin before tonight."

Gerard felt a protective urge stir within him. "Hey now," he said, wrapping his arms around Frank and pulling him close. "You know I love you just the way you are."

Frank sniffled. The smaller man then shifted closer to Gerard and flung an arm across his stomach.

They fell asleep like that and didn't wake until Gerard's alarm clock rang at 6:30.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::
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