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Gerard gives Harmony a huge gift on his birthday

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"Gee what….?" I gaped at the quaint little house in front of me. He smiled, looking happy with my reaction.

"Welcome home."

"H-Home?" I stuttered.

"I know it's no candyland castle…." He started. "No! It's better. Is this really ours?" I asked.

"Yes," Gerard suddenly stopped and looked at me.

"What?" I asked, feeling self conscious.

"You wanna see the interior?" I nodded excitedly. He picked me up bridal style, making an old couple walking by smile.

I hid my face, "Gee, people are staring, what if they recognize you?" He noticed the couple and nodded to them. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Williams." The couple waved and continued on their way.

"I've been here a lot, they throw fun parties 'round here. None of them know I'm royalty since this is a neighboring kingdom."

He balanced me with one hand and opened the door with his other. I was on my feet running around before he could close the door. There was a kitchen/Living room that greeted you when you first walked in.

Pass them were two doors. One for what I was guessing was a laboratory and another for a bedroom. There was also a set of stairs that led to an attic. I ran up them and gasped when I saw an art room with paintings covering the walls. My favorite was just above the desk of art supplies.

"This room's my favorite," I smiled, looking at every painting in the room.

"I assumed it would be," Gerard said from the corner. He was watching me with great interest.

"Gee I feel bad, it's your birthday and you've given me a house!" I suddenly remembered my drawing I had made. I fished it out of my small dress pouch, I handed it to him after unraveling it.

I chewed my lip, anxiously watching his reaction. His smile grew, making mine do the same.

"I love this, it shall be framed in here," He sat up and gave the parchment a small wooden frame. He hung it up next to my favorite and I was delighted that he loved it so much.

"I love you. and I love your gifts," He kissed me lightly, being careful not to start anything, he reluctantly ended it fast. Which was more restraint than I could ever muster.

"I hoped you would," I said, truthfully.

For the rest of the day Gerard showed me around town and I met so many nice people. This place was absolutely beautiful, to say the least. Not gloomy like ours.

When evening came, we were both very reluctant on leaving, but it had to be done. So Frank dropped me off about a mile from the castle, where no one could possibly see me, Gerard stayed in the carriage and Frank took him all the way there. I managed to get there safely, but seeing Gerard acting like that chick's lover was sickening. I found Ray and Frank and talked to them for most of the night, we had a great time overall. Even if they did have to hold me back when she got a bit too touchy with Gerard.

"What's her name?" I asked the guys while tossing back a drink. We were all on the second story watching Gerard and his fiance interacting with people.

"Erm Katherine, Yeah, Katherine Stephanie Wilson," Frank replied.

I couldn't help but observe the chick, she was slender and tall, very slender and tall, with light brown hair that was always tied in a messy bun with ringlets hanging out every which way. She wore more gold than was necessary, and had the palest skin I'd ever seen. What stuck out the most in her appearance was, well, not her face, but her breasts. No guy in the whole castle could look away, and they weren't even being subtle about it.

I looked to Frank and Ray who were staring at her.

"Guys?" I tried to catch their attention, but they didn't budge. I smacked both of them hard on their shoulders.

"Ouch! What was that for?" The both said in unison.

"Don't fall under her spell!" I said.

"We can't help it we're guys. And you should be watching Gerard not us." Frank pointed out.

I sighed, resting against the bannister and staring at my beloved. He was trying to get away from Katherine, who was following him like a puppy. Finally, his mother took her to the side giving him a chance to escape. Where to? I don't know.
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